Core Gifts and Named Funds at the Weizmann Institute of Science

“Weizmann made it possible for me to establish a scholarship more easily than I thought. I knew my parents would have loved this, so I asked that it be named for them.” —Kathy Kaufman

Core Gifts That Can Transform Your Life From Success to Significance

“What do you need money for?” Donors often ask about the best gift they could make to the Weizmann Institute of Science. For Daniel Zajfman, President of the Institute, the answer will always be: People. Give to people and support their research. The core gifts and named funds below provide an opportunity to provide that support. Donors to these funds are members of a family of devoted supporters whose generosity is felt in Weizmann laboratories every day, and the Center for Personalized Philanthropy can work with you to support the Weizmann Institute in a way that meets the needs of you and the Institute.

Discovery Funds

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Discovery Funds provide support for basic research that boldly explores today’s far frontiers of science and technology, imposing no limits on the creative imagination of the scientists. Designed by an ardent Weizmann donor, this fund provides scientists with a “dream gift” to pursue their curiosity-driven interests to the fullest. Discovery Funds can be established for immediate use, or you can create a Discovery Fund. The Vice President of the Weizmann Institute, in consultation with the faculty deans and other members of the Institute’s scientific management, selects the mix of scientific projects to be supported by Discovery Funds.

Research Funds

When Albert Sabin died, he left the bulk of his estate to Weizmann for solar energy research. You too can make a direct impact on a critically important area of scientific investigation by establishing a Research Fund in an area of interest to you. You can establish a fund for immediate use, or you can establish an endowed legacy fund. Establishing a Research Fund would enable you to be a partner in research areas such as cancer, neuroscience (brain research), genetic diseases, alternative energy and the environment, feeding the hungry (plant science), nanotechnology and smart materials of the future, biomedical imaging, and more. Your gift would help meet the dynamic needs of scientific research, expanding the realm of human knowledge for the benefit of all humanity.

New Scientist Funds, Career Development Chairs, and President’s Development Chairs

There are many contributing factors to scientific discovery, but one that is indispensable is the human component. New Scientist Funds are critical to helping Weizmann recruit the outstanding young researchers likely to develop international reputations as leaders in their fields, and provide them with the lab equipment, services, and personnel essential for initiating a vibrant research program that will attract major funding in future years. Funding is welcome at many levels, and can be in the form of an expendable fund or a legacy fund. However, for $1 million, you can create a Career Development Chair or a President’s Development Chair.

President’s Contingency Fund

The President’s Contingency Fund highlights and supports the ongoing need of current and future Presidents of the Weizmann Institute to have a permanent source of flexible, immediately available unrestricted funding for the most pressing scientific and operational needs of the Institute. The President has the discretion to use these funds, especially to directly advance important research of the Institute.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Women in Science

Graduate student scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships are among the most popular named fund gifts made in honor or in memory of family and loved ones. Weizmann’s Feinberg Graduate School is recognized worldwide for its distinctive master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral programs and for the cutting-edge research opportunities it offers. It is unique for immediately immersing students in an advanced research environment and encouraging them to establish independent research. Each graduate student depends on the charitable support of generous donors. You may establish a master’s scholarship ($150,000), doctoral scholarship ($250,000), or postdoctoral fellowship ($350,000), or contribute to a Dean’s Fund for student needs not covered by scholarships. You may also promote the success and development of the Institute’s female scientists through an innovative program that provides comprehensive career incentives for women, recognizing the unique position and needs of women scientists.

Professorial Chairs

The rank of professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science recognizes a scientist’s considerable achievements, stature in the scientific community, and continuing influential role in scientific inquiry. More than 150 Weizmann Institute scientists currently hold Chairs that have been created by generous donors from around the world. By creating a Chair, you would make a significant long-term contribution to the future of the Institute, to the State of Israel and to the career of a prominent scientist. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of establishing a Chair is that it provides you with a unique opportunity to develop an extraordinary relationship with an individual scientist and to be a part of his or her projects and successes. A Professorial Chair requires a fund of $2 million.

Science Education for Children

Since the Institute’s earliest days, sharing a love of science has been a core mission. Today, Weizmann’s Davidson Institute of Science Education facilitates science classes for schoolchildren at all levels of ability, from gifted students to at-risk youth, as well as programs aimed at encouraging girls and minority students, instilling the values, skills, and tools they need to succeed in life. In addition, the Davidson Institute’s professional development program for teachers produces an Israel-wide network of skilled science, math, and technology educators.

Science for the Benefit of Humanity Fund

Providing general support for the American Committee’s mission of science for the benefit of humanity, unrestricted as to use, the Science for the Benefit of Humanity Fund allows maximum flexibility for fulfilling our mission and meeting needs that may arise in the future.

The Center for Personalized Philanthropy

Research that is at the cutting edge today will create knowledge central to better lives tomorrow. Since the core needs of Weizmann are enduring, your philanthropy can be personalized and flexible. For example, you may designate that your gift be used immediately or create a permanent endowment. And, your gift may be funded with a combination of current and future planned gifts. We’ll help you design the right gift for the right purpose – one that provides impact and recognition now and a legacy of pride for generations to come. Scientists say that questions are more important than answers. “What is the best gift for you?” is always our starting point.

In appreciation for your commitment, Weizmann recognizes donors immediately and prominently, on campus as well as through the Weizmann Honor Society, the President’s Circle, and numerous special programs and events. Most significantly, donors share a legacy of pride, with Weizmann scientists building a better world. Pursuant to New York state law, unless otherwise restricted, ACWIS may expend so much of an endowment fund as it deems prudent.