The right gift, for the right donor, for the right purpose.

Your recognition and impact can begin right now.

Support a young scientist or establish a scholarship, research fund, or a professorial chair in your name, or in memory of a loved one. And have it all start right now.

Endow Your Fund with a Bequest

Fund a new scientist program with a single gift. Pay at once. Pay over a few years. Or, pay it from your estate. Your gift will help Weizmann to continue attracting the best, most talented scientists for years to come.

Build a scholarship with an outright gift, so it begins immediately. Then expand it through a charitable gift annuity, or a gift from your IRA.
Or step up your gifts for greater impact. Establish a master’s scholarship with an initial gift. It can grow to a professorial chair by adding to your fund with charitable gift annuities and a bequest from your estate.

Remembering Weizmann in Your Will

American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of New York, with offices presently at 633 Third Avenue, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10017. Tax ID # 13-1623886.

“Weizmann made it possible for me to establish a scholarship more easily than I thought. I knew my parents would have loved to do this, so I asked that it be named for them. It gave me so much more pleasure than I would ever have imagined.” ~Kathy Kaufman

Start it Up Now with Annual Gifts

Support students through their entire academic program, with a series of annual expendable gifts. This way your annual gift can have all the impact, virtually, of a full endowment.You may decide to endow your annual program later. You can make a series of annual gifts for research important to you now with expendable funds – and later endow it through your estate. On your passing, your virtual endowment will become a true endowment.Your program can begin immediately. Your first contributions can cover just the cash flow necessary to maintain the research—like a philanthropic mortgage. Additional gifts can build equity in your endowment, and soon your program will be fully funded.

Nourish tomorrow’s scientific minds.
Your gift will help us educate today’s passionate graduate students and tomorrow’s gifted scientists. 

  • We can show you how. For a personal conversation, contact Steven Meyers (Vice President, Center for Personalized Philanthropy) or Stacy Sulman (Vice President, Family Philanthropy). E-mail, call 800.242.2947, or contact your nearest regional director. Seek your own legal and tax advice on gift planning matters.