The Power of We Begins with You

Personalized philanthropy begins with the human element.
 Where the right gift, for the right donor,
for the right purpose, is always our starting point.

Matching a donor’s most compelling interests with the Institute’s most compelling needs.
Whether your aim is fighting cancer, combating world hunger, creating innovative technologies, protecting our planet, or harnessing alternative energy, there are powerful ways to create a transformational legacy for Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science.

Ways to establish your fund—your recognition and impact can begin right now!

  • Create your fund. Make a single gift or a series over years. Pay it from your estate.
  • Begin now. Expand later. Build a scholarship with an outright gift, so it begins immediately. Then expand it through a charitable gift annuity or your IRA.
  • Step up for greater impact. Establish a master’s scholarship with an initial gift. Then, grow it to a professorial chair by adding to your fund with charitable gift annuities and a bequest from your estate.
  • Virtual endowments. Your series of annual gifts for research and new scientists can have all the impact of a full endowment. Later, your virtual endowment will become a true endowment.
  • Build equity in your endowment. Your first contributions can cover just the cash flow needed to maintain your research or program. Additional gifts can build up the equity in your endowment—like a philanthropic mortgage—and soon your program will be fully funded.

Contact us today!
For a personal conversation, or to explore personalized naming opportunities: Contact Steven Meyers (Vice President, Center for Personalized Philanthropy) or Stacy Sulman (Vice President, Family Philanthropy). E-mail cpp@acwis.org, call 800.242.2947, or contact your nearest American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science regional executive director. Seek your own legal and tax advice on all gifts.

Join us and become an element of change

  • professorial-chair

    Professorial Chair Fund
    Endowing a chair provides a unique opportunity to develop an extraordinary relationship with a prominent scientist and to partner with them throughout their career.

  • new-scientist

    New Scientist Fund
    These funds provide outstanding young researchers with the lab equipment, services, and personnel critical to starting up their pioneering projects.

  • discovery

    Discovery Fund
    This fund provides scientists with a “dream gift” to pursue their curiosity-driven interests to the fullest, so they can boldly explore the far frontiers of science and technology.

  • scholarship-fund

    Scholarship Fund
    Your master’s scholarship or doctoral scholarship will help Weizmann to continue attracting and recruiting the best, most talented scientists for years to come.

  • research

    Research Fund
    Your gift can make a direct impact on critically important areas that interest you, such as fighting cancer, developing alternative energy, protecting our planet, and creating new technology.

  • science-literacy

    Science Literacy Fund
    By supporting the Davidson Institute of Science Education programs at the Weizmann Institute, you are helping to actively engage more than 250,000 school-age children of all levels of ability, every year.


Together, look what we’ve begun

  • Ike Ferber

    Ike Ferber
    Postdoctoral Fellowship in Physics and Computer Science

    In memory of his parents Joseph and Sabina Ferber, Ike established a Postdoctoral Fellowship. Born in Germany, Ike spent his childhood in Israel and later received his education in the United States where he served as a computer scientist for the Navy. He said “If you love science and you love Israel, clearly Weizmann is the right place to give.” Each annual gift will support his postdoctoral student and at the same time build equity in his fund for the future, helping Weizmann continue to attract and recruit the best, most talented scientists for years to come.

  • sally-appelbaum

    Sally Appelbaum
    Dream Gifts for Discovery

    In memory of her late husband, Sally wanted to honor the Weizmann tradition of unfettered scientific inquiry and curiosity-driven research. However, scientists often struggle to find funds for this type of creative investigation. The Kenneth and Sally Leafman Appelbaum Discovery Fund provides scientists with “dream gifts” to pursue their interests to the fullest. Her support is amplified by combining generous outright gifts with a bequest to endow her fund—in part, with proceeds from her IRA.

  • monroe-burke

    Dr. Monroe Burk
    Alternative Energy Research Fueled by Creative Philanthropy

    Monroe used a charitable gift annuity, not just to enhance his lifetime income, but also as a building block to achieve his larger philanthropic goal—creating the Marjorie and Monroe Burk Fund for Alternative Energy Studies. Monroe combined outright gifts of cash and appreciated securities for immediate research needs. With an additional commitment through his estate, his impact on groundbreaking energy research is fully assured.

  • lily-salcman

    Lilly Salcman
    Cancer Research with the Impact of a One-Two Punch

    To memorialize their late husband and father, Lilly and her daughters established the Dr. Alexander Salamon Memorial Endowment Fund. Their impact began immediately with outright donations to establish a master’s scholarship. It was stepped up when Lilly remembered Weizmann in her will, as well as with charitable gift annuities, which provide her with lifetime income. Finally, she made one additional gift from her estate in memory of her second husband, Arthur. All combined they will establish a powerful family legacy: a professorial chair and research fund for the incumbent to support cancer research.

  • david-haas

    David Haas
    Scholarships for Visionaries and Tomorrow’s Leaders

    David received a postdoctoral fellowship in crystallography at the Weizmann Institute in 1966–1967, so he knows firsthand how important scholarship funds are. Forty years later, David and his wife, Sandra, established the Haas Family Scholarship Fund at Weizmann. They created their fund with an outright gift so that their scholarship could begin immediately, and then expanded it through a charitable gift annuity. Scholarships are the lifeblood of the Institute, ensuring that every Weizmann graduate student has the same kind of extraordinary experience that their mentors had.


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