Science provides people
with reasons to hope and
dream. Weizmann research
opens windows of optimism
for the world.

Meet the Weizmann Institute

World hunger. Global warming. Cancer and other disease. Safety and security. There is a common need to believe that someone, somewhere, is looking for answers to the problems facing humanity. And for more than 60 years, that is exactly what the Weizmann Institute of Science has been doing. With scientists driven by a curiosity that has led to thousands of landmark discoveries, the Institute works each day to make a difference in the lives of every person on Earth.

Meet Weizmann Institute

Our Achievements Weizmann

Our Achievements

The Weizmann Institute’s philosophy of creative collaboration and intellectual curiosity gives our scientists the freedom to search for answers to the biggest questions facing humankind.

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Weizmann scientists

Our Scientists

The Institute’s five faculties—mathematics and computer science, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and biology—comprise 250 research groups headed by senior scientists and professors.

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The Weizmann campus

The Campus

The Institute’s 280-acre campus, with its renowned gardens, sculptures, and architecture, fulfills Dr. Chaim Weizmann’s vision that it be a place of peace, beauty, and scientific excellence.

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Education Programs

The Institute is educating tomorrow’s scientists through its competitive graduate school, after-school programs for children, support for women scientists, and more.

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