Weizmann Institute Education


Dedicated to science education, the Weizmann Institute is actively planning for the future of science in a number of ways. And by opening the doors of the Institute—both real and virtual—we are sharing the creative spirit of discovery and inspiring the scientists
of tomorrow.

Weizmann Institute School

The Feinberg Graduate School

The Institute’s celebrated Feinberg Graduate School produces new scientists uniquely qualified for top positions in academia, medicine, and industry. The school confers around 1,000 MSc and PhD degrees each year to outstanding young scientists from dozens of countries—in fact, we train one out of every three PhDs in science and math in Israel—and postdoctoral fellows come to campus to continue their studies in the labs of the Institute’s renowned scientists.

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The Davidson Institute

The Davidson Institute

The Davidson Institute of Science Education has classes for schoolchildren and programs aimed at inspiring girls and minority students.

Weizmann Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Festivals, workshops, mobile science labs, and an interactive, outdoor science museum engage the public.

Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute

Bessie F. Lawrence

The Bessie F. Lawrence program allows high-school graduates pursue their own research alongside Weizmann scientists.

Women in Science

Women in Science

Support for women in science enables female researchers to pursue postdoctoral training abroad.

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Join us in the pursuit of Science for the Benefit of Humanity by making a donation, attending an event, or sharing your wish for a better tomorrow.

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