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  • Weizmann Alum Dr. Jeffrey Rothenberg: The Art of Science and Medicine

    Weizmann Institute alumnus Dr. Jeffrey Rothenberg is an accomplished physician, a celebrated professor, and a prolific artist. Here, he discusses how his Weizmann education broadened his horizons, gave him an appreciation for the arts and humanities, and served as the springboard to his entire career.

  • safe-cracking-ATL
    Students Join Safe-Cracking Competition

    The Safe-Cracking Club at the Weber School in Sandy Springs (near Atlanta) was one of dozens of teams from all over the world to travel to the Weizmann campus and challenge other teams to break into their safes. But they were the only team to place first among Americans. The annual safecracking tournament challenges high schoolers to use physics to construct a secure safe.

  • AJA Safecrackers
    AJA Safecrackers Going to Israel

    As the Atlanta Jewish Times reports, students from the Atlanta Jewish Academy are taking part in the Weizmann Institute’s International Safe-Cracking Tournament for the second consecutive year. In the tournament, teams from all over the world use the principles of physics to build a safe, and try to break into each other's constructions.

  • Mars spacesuit
    StemRad’s Cosmic Ray Suit, Developed by Weizmann PhD, Set for Mars Trial

    Oren Milstein, who holds a PhD in immunology from the Weizmann Institute, is cofounder of StemRad - a company that has developed an innovative spacesuit that protects against cosmic rays, and is intended for use on trips to Mars. The Israel Space Agency and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space and the German Aerospace Center are launching the suit as part of the next trial flight of NASA's Orion satellite.

  • isef-yartsev_isef
    Four Decades of Scholarships, Partnership, and Success: The Weizmann Institute of Science and the ISEF Foundation

    For 40 years, the ISEF Foundation has been a partner with the Weizmann Institute, providing scholarships for minority Israelis to pursue higher education in the sciences. In recognition of these decades of collaboration, we present three Weizmann graduates - successful scientists all - who benefited from an ISEF scholarship.

  • Advancing Women, Advancing Science

    2017 marks a decade since the Weizmann Institute took action to bridge science’s gender gap by establishing the Israel National Postdoctoral Award Program for Advancing Women in Science. The program’s success is quantifiable and inspirational – and good for women, for science, for the Weizmann Institute, for Israel … for the world.

  • odzer_bessie
    Local Teen Conducts Scientific Research in Israel

    Shari-Lynn Odzer and daughter Jamie both took part in the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute, which attracts talented high-school graduates from all over the world. The summer before college, the lucky few who were accepted arrive on the Weizmann campus to conduct basic research alongside the scientists. This past summer, as the Sun-Sentinel reports, a third Odzer woman took part: younger daughter Nicole.

  • What I learned
    Behind True Innovation: Curiosity

    In a Haaretz special section on innovation, Weizmann Institute President Prof. Daniel Zajfman talks about a major ingredient in scientific innovation: curiosity. He refers to Thomas Friedman’s “passion quotient” as a measuring stick for students – and teachers.

  • A Day in the Life

    Dr. Yael Schuster, who is a research consultant at the Weizmann Institute, takes us on a tour of a day in the life of a scientist. Dr. Schuster is passionate about science and sharing it – particularly with girls, whom she aims to inspire. As “Dr. Mom,” she reveals the mysteries of the planet during the day – and is a parent all the time.

  • Colorado Student Starts Off College Career in Israel

    Eric Sun, a Colorado high-school graduate, spent his summer at Weizmann’s Bessie Lawrence International Summer Science Institute, which gives participants hands-on research experience. Now at Harvard, Sun studied neural networks at Weizmann, and was so happy with the results that, he says, “I hope to expand on this work throughout college and beyond.”