What is the Weizmann Institute doing to help enrich education?

  • A Davidson Institute of Science Education program at the Weizmann Institute cultivates interest in science through extracurricular programs for school-age children.

  • The Weizmann Institute’s award-winning, family-friendly Clore Garden of Science, which welcomes around 100,000 guests annually, has hands-on exhibits that make science accessible to everyone.

  • In the early 1970's, Weizmann launched Perach, a national project that pairs university students who mentor children from underprivileged backgrounds. Today, around 15 percent of all students in Israel's institutes of higher education and tens of thousands of children take part in Perach each year.

  • The Institute's National Postdoctoral Award Program for Advancing Women in Science enables female scientists who pursue postdoctoral education abroad to return to Israel to establish their science careers.

  • The Institute’s Feinberg Graduate School, established in 1958, grants around 1,000 MSc and PhD degrees each year to outstanding young scientists from dozens of countries. Its postdoctoral program brings talented researchers to campus to continue their studies in the labs of the Institute’s renowned scientists.

  • A unique program at Weizmann’s Davidson Institute of Science Education helps immigrant youth from Ethiopia develop their science skills and increase their knowledge, enabling them to pursue higher education in science and technology.

  • The Weizmann Institute sends a Science Mobile - a van with instructors and extracurricular science enrichment programs - to Israel’s outlying communities, including those that are impacted by war.

  • Weizmann’s Davidson Institute of Science Education, inaugurated in 2001, provides modern classrooms and laboratories for teacher development programs and science programs for at-risk youth, gifted students, and other school-age children.


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Most people know Allison Arden as the publisher of Ad Age. But did you know that this full-time working mother of two set out to explore her creativity and to infuse it into everyday life? Her “Book of Doing” springs from the profound realization the art education of her childhood had on her adult life. Believing children’s exposure to art should be a necessity, not a luxury — inspiring new ideas that will become the innovations of tomorrow.


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In the US, a
teenager drops out
of high school every
26 seconds.

50% of what students
learn while pursuing a
technical degree becomes
outdated within three years.

28 million
kids don’t go to school because of
violent conflicts in their country.

The top 10
in-demand jobs in 2010
didn’t even exist in 2004.

Free digital textbooks
are providing schools and
students with an affordable
alternative to out-of-date
or costly textbooks.

Teachers are using a
computer program
to figure out how to teach specific
skills to individual kids.

Students in Bangladesh accessed over
1 million English lessons
through their mobile phones in just three months.


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