Our History

From Vision to Vital Reality

More than Seventy Years of Science and Philanthropy

It was November 1944. World War II was raging, with the Allies still struggling to defeat Nazi Germany. In New York City, a handful of determined men – visionaries, even, inspired by the dreams of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the eminent chemist and Zionist leader – decided to form the fledgling Board of Directors of what was then called the American Committee for the Chaim Weizmann Scientific Institute, Inc.

Dr. Chaim Weizmann later became the first President of the State of Israel and of the Institute that bears his name, making an indelible mark both on history and on scientific research. And over the years and decades to follow, outstanding business, intellectual, and opinion leaders joined the American Committee to participate in this unique philanthropic endeavor and support Dr. Weizmann’s Institute.

As it grew from modest beginnings in New York City and Boston, the American Committee became a prominent national organization with offices coast to coast. It has enabled Americans to play a dramatic partnership role in keeping the Weizmann Institute at the forefront of modern science. Research funds, centers and institutes, major buildings, professorial chairs, laboratories, endowed scholarships, advanced instrumentation, and many other gifts testify to vigorous American commitment to the Institute, its graduate school, and to the mission of science for the benefit of humanity.