Enriching Education
Our Achievements

Enriching Education

Science for the benefit of education.

Dedicated to science education, the Weizmann Institute of Science – in addition to its graduate school – facilitates science classes for schoolchildren at all levels of ability, as well as programs aimed at encouraging girls and minority students. Weizmann’s professional development for teachers produces an Israel-wide network of skilled science, math, and technology educators. Online programs teach math and other skills to young students worldwide. Festivals, workshops, science mobiles, and an interactive, outdoor science museum engage the public. By opening the doors of the Institute—both real and virtual—to the community, Weizmann is sharing the creative spirit of discovery...and inspiring scientists of tomorrow.

Weizmann by the Numbers

  • Our graduate school educates one out of three science & math PhDs in Israel
  • 300,000 kids/year take part in extracurricular science education at Weizmann
  • In the 1970s, we established a tutoring program that has now helped one million needy children

Selected Achievements

Imagine science that actively engages more than 300,000 kids every year.

A Davidson Institute of Science Education program at the Weizmann Institute cultivates interest in science through extracurricular programs for school-age children.

Imagine science tutoring that has guided more than 1 million disadvantaged schoolchildren.

In the early 1970s, Weizmann launched Perach, a mentoring program that pairs university students with children from underprivileged backgrounds. Today, Perach is a national effort, with around 15 percent of all college students in Israel and tens of thousands of children taking part each year.

Imagine an award that boosts the careers of female scientists.

Women in Science enables talented female PhD recipients to pursue postdoctoral research abroad. So far, the award has aided 75 such scientists – and their families.

Imagine science education that produces one out of every three PhDs in science and math in Israel.

The Institute’s Feinberg Graduate School, established in 1958, grants around 1,000 MSc and PhD degrees each year to outstanding young scientists from dozens of countries. Its postdoctoral program brings talented researchers to campus to continue their studies in the labs of the Institute’s renowned scientists.

Imagine science that inspires immigrant children to pursue higher education degrees.

A tailored program at Weizmann’s Davidson Institute of Science Education helps immigrant youth from Ethiopia strengthen their science skills, enabling them to pursue higher education – and careers – in science and technology.

Imagine instructors so committed that they bring science to towns affected by war.

The Weizmann Institute sends a Science Mobile – a van with educators and science enrichment programs – to children in Israel’s outlying communities, including those that are impacted by war.

Imagine science in the world's only entirely outdoor science museum.

The Weizmann Institute’s award-winning, family-friendly Clore Garden of Science, which welcomes around 100,000 guests annually, has hands-on exhibits that make science accessible to everyone.

Imagine science programs designed specifically for both at-risk youth and gifted students.

Weizmann’s Davidson Institute of Science Education, inaugurated in 2001, provides modern classrooms and laboratories for teacher development programs and science programs for at-risk youth, gifted students, and other school age children.

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