Back to Basics, Forward to the Future


This Weizmann Institute production tells the story of basic science research – what it is, what it has done for humankind, what its potential is for the future. Basic research has given us the Internet, GPS, microwaves, cell phones, antibiotics, MRI scans, artificial respiration… clearly it can be a game-changer and is something to be pursued.

As a basic science research institute, the Weizmann Institute of Science gives its hand-picked scientists as much of the key ingredients to success – curiosity, time, freedom – as possible, but in the end, serendipity plays a huge role in those “eureka” moments. And the Institute has had many, many of these moments. In “Back to Basics, Forward to the Future,” just some of the scientists involved in discoveries tell their stories: Profs. Yair Reisner, Israel Dostrovsky, Leo Sachs, Dan Tawfik, Shafi Goldwasser, Eran Segal, Ady Stern, Roy Bar-Ziv, Idit Shachar, and Uri Alon, who is our guide. Explore the art and science of basic research with the Weizmann Institute!