Helen and Martin Kimmel are decades-long friends of the Weizmann Institute. Their philanthropy has supported incredible and diverse advances. On the occasion of establishing the Helen and Martin Kimmel Institute for Stem Cell Research, the couple talks about why they chose to invest in stem cell research, and why they chose to do so at Weizmann. In fact, says Helen, thanks to the evolution of stem cell research, “we’ve become even more supportive because we feel that great things will come from it.” They also established a research center at New York University (NYU) in order to foster cooperation and more quickly advance the research, with Martin envisioning scientists going back and forth between New York and Israel to collaborate on stem cell work.

They also talk about how they met, and Martin recalls his first visit to the Institute, stating how impressed he was that “in this place [Israel] where people are trying to kill each other, all these scientists are trying to make the world a better place.”