U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro Visits the Weizmann Institute

Video Courtesy of U.S.Embassy Tel Aviv

This video gives a glimpse into U.S. Ambassador Daniel Shapiro’s 2013 visit to the Weizmann Institute of Science. The U.S. has helped fund several projects at Weizmann, and Ambassador Shapiro said that he “particularly enjoyed hearing about how the U.S. is involved”; for example, he was able to look through a high-tech microscope that the USAID supported.

Meeting with some of the Institute’s talented graduate students, he reports that he was “really amazed at the range of subjects and the expertise they demonstrated.” Among other highlights, he mentions the architecturally distinctive Weizmann House; it helps show what a true visionary Chaim Weizmann was.

“This was a day that was really inspiring,” summed up Ambassador Shapiro, and he is looking forward to the future work that the U.S. and Israel’s Weizmann Institute will do together.