The Weizmann Effect

A better world is in your hands

The Weizmann Effect is the remarkable result of granting some of the world’s most innovative scientists the freedom to follow their curiosity, discover the unknown, and partner across disciplines and borders with other inspired minds.

Moreover, The Weizmann Effect is one of the most meaningful and satisfying ways for you to do some lasting good for humanity. It enables people who want to change the world to become people who actually do.

The Weizmann Effect

Creating a model for keeping our water clean & pure

Of the 2.5 percent of the world’s water that’s safe to drink, how do we keep it that way, seeing as it’s mostly underground? Thanks to the Weizmann Institute’s groundwater dynamics model, we can now predict how contaminants will spread, so we can reach endangered parts of the water supply faster, and detoxify any polluted groundwater before it disperses.

Every day, Weizmann Institute scientists in Israel work to protect our planet from every kind of threat imaginable. Help protect the freedom to pursue their curiosity.

The Weizmann Effect


Agrin, a molecule in the hearts of newborn babies, appears to regenerate hearts after injury. Agrin seems to unlock a process that allows a damaged heart to grow back with reduced scar tissue, pumping normally again. If preclinical trials are successful, this Weizmann Institute discovery could lead to innovative therapies that save lives.

Weizmann Institute scientists in Israel are continually making breakthroughs for a healthier world. Your support encourages these leaps forward. Be at the heart of life-changing discoveries.

The Weizmann Effect


The “Internet of Things” allows your microwave, thermostat, and other devices to anticipate your needs. But what are these devices revealing about you? Weizmann Institute research shows how a flaw in wireless technology can infect smart home devices with a malicious code that enables cybercriminals to steal your information, or even shut down a city’s electrical grid.

Weizmann Institute scientists in Israel often uncover problems that shock us into smarter ways to live. Your concern for the future makes eye-opening research like this possible.

The Weizmann Effect

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists and a Science-Literate World

We all possess a deep-rooted desire to know. As one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary scientific research centers, the Weizmann Institute in Israel demonstrates that this natural curiosity can be developed through education. Our highly selective graduate school produces top scientists uniquely qualified for medicine, industry, and academia. Our Davidson Institute of Science Education is a major force in creating a science-literate citizenry.

By understanding the science behind all aspects of life, we improve the quality of society. This is The Weizmann Effect, and it is your opportunity to do some lasting good for humanity.

The Weizmann Effect

Illuminating A New Treatment that Eliminates Prostate Cancer

A new cancer therapy gives us all hope. This latest breakthrough combines photo-dynamic therapy using laser light with a novel drug to treat early-stage prostate cancer. The combination makes it possible to safely treat cancerous tissue using a minimally invasive procedure, with none of the side effects of surgery or radiation.

The therapy was invented at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, where nearly half our life sciences research is cancer-related. Life-changing therapies are among many rewards of supporting us.


The Weizmann Effect

How People who want to change the world become people who actually do

The Weizmann Effect is possibly the most advanced way you can do good for humanity. By supporting the Weizmann Institute, you give some of the world’s most innovative scientists the freedom to follow their curiosity, discover the unknown, and partner across disciplines and borders with other inspired minds.

The Weizmann Institute in Israel is one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research centers. For more than 80 years, it has been addressing life’s most important challenges, such as fighting cancer, advancing technology, protecting our planet, improving health and medicine, and enriching education. The effect of this breakthrough work is improving our lives and those of future generations in far-reaching ways.

You may never have studied quantum physics. And your work may have nothing to do with biology or neuroscience or cryptology. But if you have a passion for encouraging great leaps forward in science, contributing to the Weizmann Institute can be a personally satisfying way to change the world.