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    Richard Price's Personal Story Brings Weizmann Gala Crowd to its Feet

    Richard Price, honoree of the Midwest Region's 2015 Gala, brought 800 guests to their feet with the story of his son's struggle with mental illness and why he supports the Weizmann Institute. The American Committee event raised over $1.8 million, including funds to help establish a Weizmann scholarship for brain research in Price's name.

  • Ada-Yonath-Nobel-Laureate-tn
    Nobel Laureate Talks Life Expectancy, Antibiotics

    Weizmann's Prof. Ada Yonath, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, recently delivered the 21st Efraim Racker Lecture in Biology and Medicine at Cornell University. Her work on ribosomes is shedding light on antibiotic resistance. Cornell's synchrotron X-ray facility worked with Prof. Yonath on her award-winning technique.

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    Weizmann Grants Help Young Women PhDs Rise in Ranks as Scientists

    <em>The Jerusalem Post</em> reports on the most recent awards by the Weizmann Institute's program to support Israeli women postdocs. Funded by donors, the grants enable these outstanding scientists to pursue their research at labs abroad. Since 2007, a total of 96 awards have been granted, with the goal of increasing the number of women in science.

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    Israeli Woman is ""Europe's Top Young Researcher""

    Dr. Naama Geva-Zatorsky, who performed her doctoral work at Weizmann, has been awarded a prestigious 2012 L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science international fellowship. She is currently a postdoc at Harvard Medical School, where she investigates the use of probiotics to treat disease.

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    Israel's ‘Pre-Nobel' Wolf Prize Awardees Announced

    The Institute's Prof. Joseph Imry has won the 2016 Wolf Prize in physics, deemed a strong indicator of winning the Nobel Prize. As <em>The Times of Israel</em> states, Prof. Imry is ""considered the ‘founding father' of mesoscopic physics,"" the study of objects so small they're invisible to the naked eye; thus, he laid the foundation for the crucial field of nanoscience.

  • Singer Einat Sarouf Leads A Hora At Weizmann Institute Gala

    Masha Leon dishes about the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science's recent gala. Held at the legendary Pierre, it honored Sara and Prof. Michael Sela, a former Weizmann president and scientist who co-developed Copaxone®. The black-tie affair included remarks by Prof. Yadin Dudai and a sing-along led by Einat Sarouf.

  • Former 'Village Fool' Takes the Prize

    Prof. Ada Yonath, one of Israel's most distinguished scientists, was long treated ""like the village fool"" by colleagues who had doubts about her findings in the rather obscure and complex field of ribosomal crystallography. Now, she has won one of the world's most prestigious prizes - the L'Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science.

  • Fellowship-Awarded-Via-Video-From-Israel (1)
    Fellowship Awarded Via Video from Israel

    The Weizmann Institute's Dr. Tali Kimchi, an expert in animal behavior, received the 2012 Gruber Award for Scientific Excellence. In a ceremony in St. Thomas, Patricia Gruber presented the award via video hook-up between Israel and the University of the Virgin Islands.

  • Broadcom Foundation Supports Race to the Moon in Google Lunar X Prize Competition with Israel's SpaceIL Project

    The donation to the Weizmann Institute will support SpaceIL, a non-profit mounting a submission for the $30M Lunar X Prize. The foundation selected this project for its use of the competition to excite Israeli youth about science, technology, engineering, and math.

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    Dr. Karina Yaniv to be honored with LE&RN's 2016 Wendy Chaite Leadership Award

    The Lymphatic Education & Research Network has announced that it is awarding its prestigious Wendy Chaite Leadership Award to Weizmann's Dr. Karina Yaniv. With funding support from the organization, Dr. Yaniv recently showed – for the first time – how the lymphatic system develops. The award will be presented on March 23 by actor Kathy Bates.