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    Weizmann Professors Claim Israel Prize in Chemistry and Physics

    Profs. Meir Lahav and Leslie Leiserowitz have received the prestigious Israel Prize in chemistry and physics for revealing how certain molecules and ions assemble themselves. Their research, as Haaretz states, ""forms the basis for understanding processes in nature that are used as a scientific foundation for the future development of drugs.""

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    Researchers Are Building a Tear Bank to Better Understand Why We Weep

    Prof. Noam Sobel, who notably found that women's tears reduce testosterone in men, has found a way to preserve and store tears. As <em>Scientific American</em> reports, he is building a cryogenic ""tear bank,"" which will allow researchers worldwide to study the difference between emotional and nonemotional tears, whether tears affect appetite, and more.

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    Why Cancer Drugs May Work Better While You Sleep

    <em>Time</em> reports on the recent finding by Weizmann scientists that our bodies fight cancer better during the day, meaning that nighttime might be much better for administering cancer drugs. This ""happy accident"" is an example of how basic research can shed light on important issues.

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    Discovery of How Newborn Mice Repair Bone Fractures Could Improve Treatments

    In adults and children, a broken bone needs assistance to mend. Infants, however, can heal on their own, but no one knew how – until now. Prof. Elazar Zelzer has revealed a ""previously unknown mechanism involving bone growth and muscle contraction"" that fixed a fractured newborn mouse arm. Prof. Zelzer states, ""This finding challenges the traditional view of fracture healing and introduces an entirely new stage of bone repair.""

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    What Gives the Beach That Smell? Sulfur-Making Algae

    One of the most evocative smells on Earth is arguably the smell of the sea – but what <em>is</em> that smell? As <em>Wired</em> reports, Weizmann scientists found the answer: a sulfur compound produced by an algae. The chemical could even play a role in controlling Earth's temperature, helping fight climate change. That makes the beach even more enjoyable!

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    Israeli Startup DayTwo Offers Personalized Nutrition

    Dr. Eran Elinav and Prof. Eran Segal developed a method of analyzing gut microbiota, enabling them to determine the foods that are healthier for each individual, based on how the bacteria metabolize the food. Now, as <em>Globes</em> reports, the method is being commercialized: startup DayTwo is bringing personalized nutrition home.

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    Amoeba Buddy System

    Amoebae are everywhere – including in polluted water, where they can cause devastating disease. In a classic example of the power of interdisciplinary research, biochemist Prof. David Mirelman and physicist Prof. Elisha Moses were collaborating on a study of amoeba reproduction when a late-night discovery changed everything.