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    Noses Agree When Genes See Eye to Eye

    <em>Scientific American</em> discusses research from Prof. Noam Sobel's lab, where the team found that we each have a unique smell ""fingerprint,"" and that similar odor preferences may indicate a higher degree of genetic similarity. Among other applications, this could be a ""quick and dirty"" method of identifying stronger matches in organ donation.

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    Siri Has Nothing on Us: How Do Brain Cells Tell Us Where We're Going?

    The lab of Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky revealed that brain cells can guide us to our destination, even when we can't see it. <em>Scientific American</em>'s Moheb Costandi reports on the research in <em>Salon</em>, also addressing related findings from other institutions and the question of whether the Ulanovsky cells are new types of cells, or represent more flexibility in other cells than previously suspected.

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    New Research by Israeli Scientists Shows Imprints of Brain Activity

    In new research, renowned neuroscientist Prof. Rafael Malach and his team at Weizmann have found that brain activity stays imprinted for a day or so. This could lead to possibilities such as decoding what someone is, or has recently been, thinking, or provide doctors with a new diagnostic tool for brain disorders.

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    Shining New Light on the Mysteries of the Brain

    Dr. Ofer Yizhar is a cutting-edge young scientist in a cutting-edge young field: optogenetics, the use of light to study the brain. Now at the Weizmann Institute, he was part of the Stanford lab that developed optogenetics. The <em>San Diego Jewish Journal</em> reports on a Weizmann event in San Diego where Dr. Yizhar discussed his work and his love of neuroscience.

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    Can Boosting Immunity Make You Smarter?

    A former PhD student of Prof. Michal Schwartz's – Prof. Jonathan Kipnis of the University of Virginia School of Medicine – has discovered that the immune system engages the brain in an intricate dialogue that may help raise IQ. As Discover reports, he first had the ""crazy idea"" in Prof. Schwartz's pioneering lab at Weizmann.

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    Scientists Puzzle Over How Bat Brains and Rat Brains Build Mental Maps

    ""Science on NBC News"" reports on neuroscience from Weizmann – courtesy of bats. Dr. Nachum Ulanovsky created tiny equipment worn by the bats while he tracks their brain signals, focusing on memory and navigation. Similar work is being conducted at Boston University as scientists seek to learn how mental maps are built.

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    Four Israeli Women of Note

    Jewish Woman Magazine named the Weizmann Institute's Prof. Michal Schwartz as one of ""Four Israeli Women of Note"" for her important work developing radical new treatments for spinal cord injuries.

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