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    Looking for the Genes that Drive Cancer

    Prof. Yardena Samuels, who comes to Weizmann from the National Human Genome Research Institute, uses DNA sequencing to identify new genetic mutations involved in melanoma. She has already made progress by identifying a mutation – found in nearly one-fifth of melanoma cases – in a gene that is already targeted by an approved drug.

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    Double Whammy for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

    Triple-negative breast cancer is particularly hard to treat because, as its name suggests, it lacks three receptors that usually serve as targets for anti-cancer drugs. Now, Prof. Sima Lev has identified a promising new combination therapy that not only inhibits tumor growth and survival, but gets around the problem of drug-induced resistance.

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    To Stop Cancer, Block Its Messages

    Cells send a constant stream of messages to their nuclei for making day-to-day decisions. But this rapid, long-distance communication system is vulnerable to mutations that can lead to unstopped, repeated messages – a ""spam attack"" – that promotes cancer. Now, Prof. Rony Seger and his team have identified a molecule that stops cancer cells from getting their ""mail.""

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    The Dark Side of the Sun

    Did you know that skin cancer is our most common cancer? It's been on the rise for more than 30 years, with dangerous melanomas increasing at a particularly high rate. We need more than sunblock to fight it. That's why Weizmann scientists are tackling skin cancer from angles ranging from genetics to how cancer sometimes survives toxic treatments.

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