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    Ron Diskin: Mapping Defenses Against HIV

    Young Weizmann scientist Dr. Ron Diskin is already renowned for his groundbreaking HIV research, such as the recent discovery that a type of strong HIV antibodies can be synthetically reproduced — and even strengthened — in the lab. He visits L.A. for ""a whirlwind week of AIDS events and speaking opportunities.""

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    Six PGIA Students Journey to Weizmann Institute in Israel

    Six students from the Peter Gruber International Academy (PGIA) on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, traveled to Israel for science camp at the Weizmann Institute, which has long collaborated with the school on STEM education. Said a PGIA leader: ""Each student seems to be passionate about a different area of science. This … will be life altering.""

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    Teens Conduct Scientific Research in Israel

    <em>The Jewish News</em> of Greater Phoenix and Northern Arizona highlights three local teens – Talia Khan, Karen Guo, and Ben Walker – who attended Weizmann's Bessie Lawrence International Summer Science Institute. The competitive program put the high-school grads in labs alongside scientists; they also traveled and learned about Israel.

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    Hey Kids, Try these Glasses to Simulate Feeling High

    <em>Haaretz</em> visits the Weizmann Institute's campus, where an interactive exhibition on how our brains work is underway. While the Institute has a globally renowned neuroscience department, the exhibit – ""Work Your Brain!"" – involves a great deal more play than work.

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    Five Business Values from Girl Scouts

    As the Girl Scouts visit Science House for a business mentoring program, Rita J. King reflects on the core values that make the organization a perennial success. The Scouts also created personal videos for the American Committee's Tomorrow Lab project, which encourages people to get involved in science for the benefit of humanity.

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    Teens Chosen for Israel Science Program

    The Weizmann Institute's prestigious Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute brings talented high-school graduates from all over the world to campus for a month of research alongside Institute scientists. As Arizona's <em>Jewish News</em> reports, three teens from that area are among the successful U.S. applicants.

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    Weizmann Expert Speaks on Climate Change

    On June 24, the Midwest Region of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science recently held the next in its ""Eat, Drink & Think"" series. Covered by the <em>Chicago Tribune</em>, the event took place at the home of philanthropist Yadelle Sklare, where Weizmann professor emeritus Jonathan Gressel spoke about climate change.