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    Mice Social Structures Highlighted By ""Big Brother""-Like Study

    What can we learn from mice about how we choose leaders? Huff Post Science reports on new Weizmann research in which mice, living in a common house, quickly exhibited behavioral patterns and personalities, with a leader soon emerging. Especially interesting: when the experiment was run with ""autistic-like"" mice, the house remained leaderless.

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    6 Annoying Dating Habits You Have, According to Science

    In its ""6 Annoying Dating Habits You Have, According to Science,"" <em>Reader's Digest</em> says that tearing up is a buzzkill, basing this judgment on research by Prof. Noam Sobel. His work showed that women's tears are a turnoff to men, and actually reduce testosterone levels.

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    Israeli Innovation Extends to Medical Marijuana

    Medical marijuana usage is exploding, and when we look at the field's supporting research, we find &ndash; as we so often do &ndash; the Weizmann Institute; in fact, Prof. Raphael Mechoulam actually discovered the psychoactive compound THC. <em>The Jewish Times</em> reports on Israel's leadership in the field, and Prof. Mechoulam's decades old – and still groundbreaking &ndash; studies.

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    Fossil Dung Study Indicates: Ancients in Negev had Advanced Economy

    While excavating the 5,000-year-old Negev Desert site of Mashabei Sade, a Weizmann-Tel Aviv University team found no fossilized dung, indicating — surprisingly — that it was not agrarian. So how did its people live? Sounding like a true archaeologist, Weizmann student Zach Dunseth states, ""There must be an explanation hidden somewhere in the ground.""

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  • How-Israels-First-Computer-Was-Built-in-a-Bike-Repair-Shop-thumb
    How Israel's First Computer Was Built in a Bike-Repair Shop

    Haaretz covers the history of the Weizmann Institute's WEIZAC (Weizmann Automated Computer), the first electronic computer in Israel and one of the first in the world. From humble beginnings, WEIZAC became a national icon, teaching a new wave of researchers and becoming the catalyst for Israel's identity as a start-up nation.

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    Diet Soda May Alter Our Gut Microbes and Raise the Risk of Diabetes

    On NPR's <em>All Things Considered</em>, Allison Aubrey covers the Weizmann Institute's recent study on artificial sweeteners. Scientist Dr. Eran Elinav tells her that people in the study had ""significant disturbances in their blood glucose even after short-term exposure to artificial sweeteners"" – however, he and other scientists NPR interviewed stressed the need for further research.