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  • Science on Tap 2014

    For the fifth year, Weizmann Institute scientists will descend upon the bars and cafés of Tel Aviv for the wildly popular Science on Tap to give talks about their research, engage with patrons, and discuss profound questions. This year, 55 sites will be involved, as will actors from the Gesher Theater, who will do science-related performances.

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    Are You a Handshake Sniffer?

    Rita J. King, Co-Director of Science House and Weizmann Advocate for Curiosity, writes about ""the incredible"" Prof. Noam Sobel's findings that people tend to sniff their hands – subconsciously, of course – after shaking someone else's hand. Perhaps counterintuitively, we actually sniff longer after shaking the hand of someone of the same gender.

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    Behind True Innovation: Curiosity

    In a <em>Haaretz</em> special section on innovation, Weizmann Institute President Prof. Daniel Zajfman talks about a major ingredient in scientific innovation: curiosity. He refers to Thomas Friedman's ""passion quotient"" as a measuring stick for students – and teachers.

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    Ecosphere Inspires

    Journalist Sura Jeselsohn writes about a recent visit to the Weizmann Institute's Clore Garden of Science. Long fascinated by America's Biosphere project and the idea of self-contained systems, she was delighted to find the Ecosphere and its educational environment. She also praises the Clore Garden for its fun exhibits.

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    Science and Peace

    Prof. Daniel Zajfman, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science, contributed an essay on science and peace to a special-edition publication of Seed magazine.

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    Why the ""Diet"" on Your Soda may be Misleading

    <em>The PBS NewsHour</em> reports on the artificial sweetener research conducted by Weizmann's Dr. Eran Elinav and Prof. Eran Segal. In an interview with Dr. Elinav, Jason Kane asks things like, ""Your study seems so counterintuitive &ndash; that artificial sweeteners actually raise blood sugar levels. What did you find?"" Good question.

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    In Discussing “Youth,” Jane Fonda Touches on “Superfluidity”

    In his <em>Psychology Today</em> blog, athlete Christopher Bergland writes about what he calls "superfluidity," the merging with an art or craft that runners, musicians, etc., sometimes experience. He notes that Jane Fonda recently spoke about reaching this state, and cites research by Prof. Rafi Malach showing that ""losing oneself"" in a task is a real phenomenon.

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    Artificial Sweeteners May Lead to Diabetes

    <em>USA Today</em> covers the recent Weizmann Institute research revealing that artificial sweeteners may cause weight gain and diabetes. As it reports, the study shows that ""differences in gut microbes may explain why some people can handle artificial sweeteners just fine while in an unknown percentage of others the sweeteners lead to diabetes.""

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    Wiltonian spends month conducting research in Israel

    Aulden Foltz of Wilton, CT, was among the elite group of young scientists accepted to Weizmann's 2015 Bessie Lawrence Summer Science program. Ms. Foltz, who studied neurobiology in Prof. Dov Sagi's lab, recently started at Stanford. Despite some ""grueling lab hours,"" she enjoyed making new connections and found the program hard to leave.

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