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    Weizmann Alters World One Discovery at a Time

    At an event at Atlanta's Congregation B'nai Torah, American Committee Executive Director of Leadership Giving Mark Kotler provided new perspective on Dr. Chaim Weizmann – that of his life as a scientist and the legacy left in Israel's Weizmann Institute. He impressed the audience with highlights of the many research breakthroughs coming out of the Institute that are improving life for all.

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    Winners of Chinese Science Contest Choose Israel Visit as Prize

    Nineteen talented Chinese teens could go anywhere as their prize for winning a prestigious science competition – and they chose to visit the Weizmann Institute of Science. For 10 days, states the Jewish News Service, the teens took part in activities on campus, met scientists, and hopefully became future ""ambassadors.""

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    I Owe It All to Science

    Dartmouth College student Soyeun Yang blogs on HuffPost about her experience in the Weizmann Institute's 44th Bessie Lawrence International Summer Science Institute. The program enabled her to study the role of protein signaling pathways in cancer development and learn about Israeli culture.

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    Scientific Journey Leads from Hudson to Masada, Dead Sea and Beyond

    Each year, as part of the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute, bright young scientists arrive on the Weizmann Institute campus to conduct research in working labs and explore Israel. The <em>Hudson Hub Times</em> profiles local Irina Kopyeva, a ""Bessie"" who went to pursue biology and found herself amazed by Israel's rich culture.

  • Remembering WEIZAC: The Beginning of Computing in Israel

    Today, Israel's ""start-up nation"" status is almost taken for granted. However, it wasn't always that way; the country's first computer, WEIZAC, helped establish Israel as one of the world's technology powerhouses. Google has shared a short film in honor of the 84th birthday of Prof. Aviezri Fraenkel, one of WEIZAC's creators.

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    Why Yo-Yo Dieters Often Can't Keep the Weight Off

    People all over the world repeatedly go through the long, frustrating, defeating struggle known as ""yo-yo dieting"": they lose weight, only to gain it again, over and over (and over). Now, new research from Dr. Eran Elinav and Prof. Eran Segal shows why: the gut microbiome keeps resetting the body to gain weight.

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    Africa's Grass-Roots Chance to Change Science Teaching

    Weizmann's Prof. Nir Orion, science educator and developer of the UNESCO-promoted <em>Blue Planet</em> education program, issues a wakeup call: it's way past time to adapt science education to the way children naturally learn. ""Only then,"" he writes, ""will there be real progress for learners, and real progress in closing inequality gaps in society.""

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    Could Your Healthy Diet Make Me Fat?

    <em>The New York Times</em> covers Dr. Eran Elinav and Prof. Eran Segal's findings that people differ in their response to the same foods, which helps explain why diets – from vegan to paleo – work well for some people, but get poor results for others. The team examined metrics for over 800 people, and were able to use the data to create healthy diets for others.