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  • Andromeda Biotech Reports that a Drug for Type 1 Diabetes, Developed by Prof. Irun Cohen of the Weizmann Institute, Meets Primary and Secondary Goals of Phase III Clinical Trials

    Patients with Type 1 diabetes who were treated with DiaPep277® in clinical trials saw benefits. Weizmann's Prof. Irun Cohen developed the novel drug.

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    Unraveling the Mysteries of Science and Disease

    Weizmann Prof. Emeritus Michel Revel's long, brilliant career includes co-developing Copaxone® and Rebif®, two of the world's leading MS drugs. At 75, rather than retire, he's still breaking ground: his new biotech firm is developing applications for human embryonic stem cells, aiming to better treat – and cure – diabetes and other diseases.

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    Juvenile Diabetes Research Gets Shot in the Arm

    Thanks to a Massachusetts family committed to fighting type 1 (juvenile) diabetes and helping Israel, five Israeli research teams will receive funding for their diabetes-related studies. The scientists include the Weizmann Institute's Prof. Michael Walker, Dr. Yoav Soen, and Prof. Yehiel Zick.

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    Could Your Healthy Diet Make Me Fat?

    <em>The New York Times</em> covers Dr. Eran Elinav and Prof. Eran Segal's findings that people differ in their response to the same foods, which helps explain why diets – from vegan to paleo – work well for some people, but get poor results for others. The team examined metrics for over 800 people, and were able to use the data to create healthy diets for others.

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    Yale Participates in International Metabolic Research Alliance

    Scientists from Yale University, the Jackson Laboratory, the University of Connecticut, and the Weizmann Institute of Science have come together to form the Metabolic Research Alliance. As the Yale Daily News announces, the global group will study metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

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    When You Finally Figure It Out

    Young entrepreneur Rebecca Perl writes about her path from typical teen to biotech pioneer. At Camp Inc., which teaches kids business skills, she and some friends had the idea of creating an app to help diabetics manage their disease. American Committee CEO Marshall S. Levin, a speaker at Camp, connected her with Weizmann scientists who could help.

  • Father Runs and Writes to Help His Children

    New Jersey's Jonathan Hersch, runner and father of two children with diabetes, created the Ben and Shira's Endowment Fund for Diabetes Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science to help advance research on the disease that has affected his family. As the NJJN reports, his ""Team Dream"" has raised $100,000 through participation in races.

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    November is American Diabetes Month

    As we enter a time of year abundant with food-centric holidays, it's helpful to think about how we eat – and how much. And given the link between overeating, obesity, and diabetes, it's no coincidence that November is American Diabetes Month. Weizmann scientists are looking at the complexities of diabetes and developing novel treatments.

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