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  • Science-Tips-July-2012-Fools-Gold-thumb
    Science Tips, July 2012

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: fool's gold regulates environmental oxygen; finding a molecular mechanism behind faulty stem cells and cancer; and solving the mystery of where importins – proteins critical to healing nerve damage – are produced.

  • Why-do-We-See-the-Man-in-the-Moon-Lunar-Nearside-thumb
    Why Do We See the Man in the Moon?

    The “Man in the Moon“ is actually craters filled with dark volcanic material. Why is this side of the moon the one that is always “looking“ at Earth? Weizmann's Prof. Oded Aharonson and colleagues found the answer.

  • prof-berkowitz-tn
    Weizmann Scientist Stresses Value of “Eureka Moments”

    The Institute's Prof. Brian Berkowitz visited Arizona to speak about ensuring safe drinking water, an increasingly critical topic worldwide. The Jewish News talked with Prof. Berkowitz, who addressed of the importance of basic research, particularly in creating the “accidental” discoveries that can lead to the greatest breakthroughs.

  • Israeli-Tech-Seeks-to-Undo-the-Damage-of-Pesticides-thumb
    Israeli Tech Seeks to Undo the Damage of Pesticides

    The Green Revolution may have saved a billion people from starvation, but at a price we are just now reckoning: a huge increase in the use of environment- and health-wrecking pesticides and chemicals. But with technology developed at the Weizmann Institute and commercialized by Israeli start-up Catalyst AgTech, these consequences may be reversed.

  • Institute-develops-process-to-protect-groundwater-thumb
    Institute Develops Process to Protect Groundwater

    The Jerusalem Post reports that Weizmann and an agrochemicals firm are commercializing a new technology to stop toxic pesticides from getting into groundwater. Based on research by Prof. Brian Berkowitz and Dr. Ishay Dror, the method employs environmentally friendly substances to help protect our water.

  • Looking-for-a-wider-view-of-history-Israeli-archaeologists-are-zooming-in-thumb
  • Marine-Green-Slime-to-Save-the-Planet-thumb
    Marine Green Slime to Save the Planet

    Weizmann's Dr. Assaf Vardi led a team of more than 30 scientists on a trip to the North Atlantic to study phytoplankton. These tiny algae are crucial to Earth's ecology and are key to climate regulation; in fact, they play an ancient and outsized role in our environment.

  • A_Fistful_of_Dust
    A Fistful of Dust

    Recent dust storms in Germany have put Prof. Ilan Koren back in the news: his research on how dust from one valley in Africa crosses the ocean to nourish the Amazon shows how dust affects our climate.