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    "Mike's Song," Prof. Uri Alon

    In this performance at a TEDx event at the Weizmann Institute, renowned systems biologist Prof. Uri Alon plays and sings an homage – to the tune of Leonard Cohen's ""Suzanne"" – to his friend Mike, a fellow-scientist who didn't let the postdoc Uri give up and quit science. If you've ever had a mentor, someone to whom you owe your career, this one's for you.

  • Forever_Young
    Forever Young

    ""Forever Young"" highlights Weizmann Institute graduate school alumni in the U.S., Canada, and Israel who are making significant impacts in their areas of research, including the biotech industry and academia. Scientists and graduate students, spanning generations, work together at the forefront of science.

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    The Dark Side of the Training Moon, Dr. Maya Schuldiner

    At a TEDx event at the Weizmann Institute, Dr. Maya Schuldiner talks about the many years of training that scientists, doctors, and the like must undergo – in her case, a third of her life – in order to be successful. But there's a dark secret: they are not taught business – how to interview and recruit, how to set up a lab, how to manage staff. This is a problem.

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    A Sixth Sense for Understanding Our Cells, Prof. Ron Milo

    Speaking at a TEDx event at the Weizmann Institute, Prof. Ron Milo – while today a plant scientist – talks about the magic of numbers; for example, the only way to truly understand the difference between hot and cold is to know that there's a 10 percent difference in the vibration of select molecules. We can use this numerical intuition to better understand our own biology.

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    The NextGen Initiative

    Introducing NextGen, the American Committee's new initiative dedicated to inspiring the philanthropic leaders of tomorrow. The NextGen Committee recently held its inaugural ""Science on Tap"" event at City Winery in New York. This evening of science, networking, and wine tasting featured three stellar students from the Weizmann Institute's Feinberg Graduate School.

  • Summer_Cool
    Summer Cool

    A brief overview of the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute. Since 1969, the institute offers talented high-school graduates from around the world the unique opportunity to spend a month on the Weizmann campus, working side by side with scientists to conduct hands-on research.

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    StemRad’s Cosmic Ray Suit, Developed by Weizmann PhD, Set for Mars Trial

    Oren Milstein, who holds a PhD in immunology from the Weizmann Institute, is cofounder of StemRad - a company that has developed an innovative spacesuit that protects against cosmic rays, and is intended for use on trips to Mars. The Israel Space Agency and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space and the German Aerospace Center are launching the suit as part of the next trial flight of NASA's Orion satellite.

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    AJA Safecrackers Going to Israel

    As the <em>Atlanta Jewish Times</em> reports, students from the Atlanta Jewish Academy are taking part in the Weizmann Institute’s International Safe-Cracking Tournament for the second consecutive year. In the tournament, teams from all over the world use the principles of physics to build a safe, and try to break into each other's constructions.