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    What I Learned

    Weizmann President Prof. Daniel Zajfman speaks to Haaretz about knowledge, curiosity, and passion – his recipe for success – and how he has applied this formula to developing long-term strategies for the Institute. He also talks about finding happiness in work and in life: ""Ask yourself what you love to do – and then do it.""

  • Making Science Cool: The Weizmann Institute’s International Safe-Cracking Tournament

    For 20 years, the International Physics Tournament has transformed the lives of students around the world. This exciting competition challenges teams of high school students to use the principles of physics to design impenetrable safes. Each spring, teams compete to unlock one another's safes during the tournament's final round in Israel.

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    Mortimer B. Zuckerman Announces Transformative Program to Support Future Generations of American & Israeli Leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Fields

    Philanthropist Mortimer Zuckerman is funding a ""transformative"" program that will provide more than $100M to promote scientific education collaboration between the U.S. and Israel. The Weizmann Institute is participating, and President Prof. Daniel Zajfman was one of many VIPs in attendance when the initiative was revealed in New York City.

  • Making Connections

    A new program, called ""Making Connections,"" will enhance scientific collaboration between scientists from the Weizmann Institute and scientists from top-level research institutions in Britain.  

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    Jerusalem Girls Win the Telescope

    A class of 9th-grade girls beat over 400 other classes to win this year's Ilan Ramon Space Olympics. The team's winning project – which earned a telescope for their school – was a satellite that would scatter tiny labs on an asteroid. South Korean astronaut Yi So-yeon encouraged the Olympians to treasure the opportunities the contest offered them.

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    First Class of the Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Centre, Rehovot, Graduates

    Three years ago, the Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Centre, Rehovot, opened at the Institute to give local high-schoolers the opportunity to study physics at a higher level. On June 29, the Centre's first class of students graduated, in the presence of Institute President Prof. Daniel Zajfman and other leaders. ""When you learn physics,"" Prof. Zajfman said, ""you are learning a way of thinking.""

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    Science Education Week Coming Up

    Science Education Week 2016 will take place from April 3-9. There will be more than 60 events – including the international safecracking tournament – on and around the Weizmann Institute campus and across the country. The Science Education Week initiative started last year to celebrate the jubilee of the Institute's science education programs.