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    The Next Women's Movement is Integrating Men: 6 Critical Steps

    Forbes reports on the state of women's advancement, and how its future will necessarily include men. An interview with Claudia Chan, founder of the S.H.E. Summit, a global conference on women's rights, sheds light on what she's learned from men about how to involve them in the women's movement; she cites the American Committee's Marshall Levin on STEM education.

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    Atlanta Jewish Academy Students Crack Code

    The annual International Safecracking Tournament challenges high-school students to use their knowledge of physics to build a safe, which they then take to Israel for competition. This year, five students from Atlanta are taking part, and besides applying physics, they discovered the importance of collaboration … and of having fun while learning.

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    Rate of Women Academics at Universities and Colleges Still Lags Way Behind US and EU

    <em>The Jerusalem Post</em> says that a recent report from the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and others states that women scientists are ""seriously under-represented"" at higher levels. The academy is currently headed by Weizmann's Prof. Ruth Arnon, who suggests that institutions become more family friendly to aid women scientists.

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    Dinosaurs May Be Extinct, But They Look Extremely Lifelike in Rehovot

    As Haaretz reports, the stunning dinosaur exhibit currently on display at the Weizmann Institute reflects both the popular fascination with the creatures and the very latest science. For example, some of the dinosaur models – which are true to size, move some of their parts, and occasionally roar – have feathers, as per a recent discovery.

  • Making Science and Family Fit

    The journal Science profiled the Weizmann Institute's Dr. Michal Sharon, a structural biologist, who addressed the unique challenges facing women in science, and spoke about balancing research and family.

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    Gift for Science

    Albert Willner, a retired orthopedic surgeon, donated $20 million to create an endowment to support scientific education and research at the Weizmann Institute of Science.&nbsp;

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    Tianyi Zhu Reporting From Israel Physics Competition

    The Gregory School in Tucson sent its first-ever team to Weizmann's International Safecracking Tournament – and placed fourth! The contest requires that high schoolers use principles of physics to build a safe, which they then pit against other's creations during competition on campus. Team member Tianyi Zhu covers their journey to Israel.

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    Project-Based Fundraising

    Project-Based Fundraising empowers people of all ages to join the Weizmann Institute's search for answers to humanity's greatest challenges—from fighting cancer to protecting the environment to exploring space. This platform features 12 vital Weizmann research projects in need of support. After selecting a project that inspires you, you can set up your own fundraising page, and mobilize friends and family to join your efforts. Learn more—and get involved.