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    Weizmann Professor Finds Merit in Papal Document on Climate Change

    Renowned plant scientist and Professor Emeritus Jonathan Gressel spoke to the St. Louis Jewish Light about parasitic weeds, greenhouse gases, and the Pope's encyclical on climate change. Supporting the Pope's statement that manmade climate change is a global threat, Prof. Gressel says frankly: “there will be more global warming.”

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    Thunderstorms on Saturn May Drive Epic Polar Cyclones

    ""For decades,"" reports, ""the powerful, swirling hurricane-like features at Saturn's poles have been a mystery – what drives these storms and why do they persist for so long?"" Now we know, thanks to Weizmann postdoc Dr. Morgan O'Neill, who developed a model showing that multiple smaller thunderstorms fuel the massive cyclones.

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    Weizmann Scientist Stresses Value of ""Eureka Moments""

    The Institute's Prof. Brian Berkowitz visited Arizona to speak about ensuring safe drinking water, an increasingly critical topic worldwide. The Jewish News talked with Prof. Berkowitz, who addressed of the importance of basic research, particularly in creating the ""accidental"" discoveries that can lead to the greatest breakthroughs.

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    Israeli Tech Seeks to Undo the Damage of Pesticides

    The Green Revolution may have saved a billion people from starvation, but at a price we are just now reckoning: a huge increase in the use of environment- and health-wrecking pesticides and chemicals. But with technology developed at the Weizmann Institute and commercialized by Israeli start-up Catalyst AgTech, these consequences may be reversed.

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    Israel's Solar Star Jacob Karni

    Israel21c profiles Prof. Jacob Karni, the Weizmann Institute scientist who has pioneered three separate solar technologies as he searches for sustainable sources of energy. His research has resulted in commercial solar-energy startups that are providing power while reducing pollution.

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    California Drought: What Would Israel Do?

    California's devastating drought is leading it to turn to Israel – another semi-arid state – for help. As Prof. Brian Berkowitz says, Israel is ""a microcosm of what needs to be done."" When it comes to achieving water security, Israel's decades of success in water management just might provide the life vest California needs.

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    Institute Develops Process to Protect Groundwater

    The Jerusalem Post reports that Weizmann and an agrochemicals firm are commercializing a new technology to stop toxic pesticides from getting into groundwater. Based on research by Prof. Brian Berkowitz and Dr. Ishay Dror, the method employs environmentally friendly substances to help protect our water.

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    Even Just A Single Exposure To Roadway Particulate Matter Induces Transient Pulmonary Stress, Research Finds

    Air pollution is often in the form of particulate matter, or PM – particles small enough to be inhaled into the lungs. Near roadways, Weizmann researchers and colleagues found, the types and amounts of PM mean that a single exposure is enough to cause lung distress. As Clean Technica reports, this effect is far worse in major cities.

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    Matthew Modine: It's Easy Being Green

    The Miami Herald interviews actor Matthew Modine about his new role: environmental advocate. Modine has long been vocal about protecting our resources, and set up a program to encourage bike riding. Impressed by Weizmann science, he has now partnered with us at the American Committee to share the Institute's amazing environmental research.