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    Lineage Trees Reveal Cells' Histories

    Using a method he developed for determining the ""family trees"" of cells, Prof. Ehud Shapiro and a cross-disciplinary team of Weizmann scientists, including Prof. Nava Dekel, was able to prove—and disprove—some ideas about the female mammal's egg supply.

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    Israeli Biologists Rebuke Facebook, Apple for Suggesting Female Workers Freeze Eggs

    Much has been made about companies offering to pay for women employees to freeze their eggs. But is this even realistic or healthy? As <em>The Jerusalem Post</em> reports, two of the Weizmann Institute's leading scientists, Profs. Michal Neeman and Nava Dekel, have ""strong"" objections to the offer, saying that while it is laudable to encourage women to succeed, they shouldn't have to pay such a high price.

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    Sharing Mother's Stress in the Womb Leaves Children Prone to Depression

    Weizmann's Prof. Alon Chen and colleagues in the U.K. have discovered a key part of the placenta that protects the fetus from the mother's high stress hormones; however, when this element doesn't work, the child is more prone to anxiety and depression. As The Telegraph reports, a diagnostic test could identify at-risk children.