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    300,000-Year-Old Hearth Found

    Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross of Weizmann's Kimmel Center for Archeological Science, part of a team of Israeli scientists, used high-tech tools to identify proof of repeated fire-building over time. The ancient hearth, found in the Qesem Cave, helps answer questions such as, ""when did people begin to control and use fire?""

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    Are You a Handshake Sniffer?

    Rita J. King, Co-Director of Science House and Weizmann Advocate for Curiosity, writes about ""the incredible"" Prof. Noam Sobel's findings that people tend to sniff their hands – subconsciously, of course – after shaking someone else's hand. Perhaps counterintuitively, we actually sniff longer after shaking the hand of someone of the same gender.

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    Could Chaim Weizmann's Vision Be the Key to Solving the Energy Crisis?

    A hundred years ago, Chaim Weizmann – a preeminent chemist and namesake of the Weizmann Institute, as well as Israel's first president – proposed a method of producing biofuel. Today, researchers at the University of California are developing his concept. Has the time come for Dr. Weizmann's vision to be realized?

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    Science and Peace

    Prof. Daniel Zajfman, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science, contributed an essay on science and peace to a special-edition publication of Seed magazine.

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    Weizmann Professor Finds Merit in Papal Document on Climate Change

    Renowned plant scientist and Professor Emeritus Jonathan Gressel spoke to the St. Louis Jewish Light about parasitic weeds, greenhouse gases, and the Pope's encyclical on climate change. Supporting the Pope's statement that manmade climate change is a global threat, Prof. Gressel says frankly: “there will be more global warming.”

  • Tough Science

    The Weizmann Institute's Nobel Prize-winning chemist Prof. Ada Yonath answers questions from Nature about persistence, gender, ribosomes, and what it takes to be a scientist.

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    When Scientific Journals Show Political Bias

    Writing in <em>The Jewish Week</em>, Weizmann Institute President Prof. Daniel Zajfman addresses an op-ed, ""An open letter for the people of Gaza,"" that appeared in the prestigious British journal <em>The Lancet</em>. Prof. Zajfman &ndash; who believes that science crosses all borders &ndash; speaks to the damage done when journals spread bias.