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    StrigAway Puts a Hex on Witchweed

    Striga – aka witchweed – infests more than 405 million acres of sub-Saharan land, causing African farmers to lose up to 100% of their crops, resulting in widespread hunger and financial hardship. StrigAway, an herbicide developed by a group that includes the Weizmann Institute, keeps the weed from attaching to the plant – and improves life for around 100 million people.

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    Ethiopia Adopts Israeli Day/Night Power System

    The developing world is in need of continual, reliable, power – and solar energy would be an ""ideal solution,"" except that it doesn't work at night, when electricity is most needed. Weizmann to the rescue! As <em>The Times of Israel</em> reports, Ethiopia is now using a Weizmann Institute technology that ""works 24/7 – even at night and when it's cloudy.""

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    Africa's Grass-Roots Chance to Change Science Teaching

    Weizmann's Prof. Nir Orion, science educator and developer of the UNESCO-promoted <em>Blue Planet</em> education program, issues a wakeup call: it's way past time to adapt science education to the way children naturally learn. ""Only then,"" he writes, ""will there be real progress for learners, and real progress in closing inequality gaps in society.""

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    300,000-Year-Old Caveman ""Campfire"" Found in Israel

    Discovery News reports on the amazing finding by Weizmann's Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross of the oldest known site of repeated use of fire. The site, in Israel's ancient Qesem cave, also sheds light on when ""humans first began to regularly use fire both for cooking meat and as a focal point – a sort of campfire – for social gatherings.""

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    How a Brockton Man Helped Create Israel

    Dewey Stone of Massachusetts played a pivotal, if behind-the-scenes, role in founding the State of Israel. A documentary, ""The Dewey Stone Connection: From Exodus to Independence,"" shines light on his work and his relationship with Dr. Chaim Weizmann, first president of Israel and namesake of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

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    Fossil Dung Study Indicates: Ancients in Negev had Advanced Economy

    While excavating the 5,000-year-old Negev Desert site of Mashabei Sade, a Weizmann-Tel Aviv University team found no fossilized dung, indicating — surprisingly — that it was not agrarian. So how did its people live? Sounding like a true archaeologist, Weizmann student Zach Dunseth states, ""There must be an explanation hidden somewhere in the ground.""

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    Five Business Values from Girl Scouts

    As the Girl Scouts visit Science House for a business mentoring program, Rita J. King reflects on the core values that make the organization a perennial success. The Scouts also created personal videos for the American Committee's Tomorrow Lab project, which encourages people to get involved in science for the benefit of humanity.

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    Israel's Universal Flu Vaccine Heads for Universal Acceptance

    Weizmann Institute research that led to a ""universal"" flu vaccine – meaning it works against all forms of influenza – has now been granted patents by the European Union and Japan. The vaccine was developed by an Israeli firm, BiondVax, which is now preparing to license it to governments and pharma companies. Before this breakthrough, scientists developed vaccines to fight each strain of flu.

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    I Was Afraid of Dying – But I Had to Save Them

    As <em>Good Housekeeping</em> reports, "despite her terror of the ocean, mother-of-two Tamara Loiselle found the courage to dive in and save a drowning couple." What makes a hero? How are some people able to overcome fear? <em>GH</em> uses Weizmann neuroscience research from the lab of Prof. Yadin Dudai to explain.