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    Your Symptoms? Evolution's Way of Telling You to Stay Home

    Why, when we get sick, do we feel bad? We assume that our aches, pains, fever, etc., are from a virus or bacteria, but now there is a novel hypothesis: evolution. Of course, staying home when sick keeps others from falling ill, too, but this may not be purely altruistic: the genes that trigger symptoms are actually focused on their own survival.

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    Viruses Overheard Talking to One Another

    For the first time, viruses have been found to communicate with one another, leaving short “posts” for kin and descendants. The messages help the viruses reading them to decide how to proceed with the process of infection.

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    Science Tips, July 2014

    Three updates from the labs of the Weizmann Institute: with interferons, even the negative may be necessary when it comes to HIV; mutations harmful to fertility are different in men and women; tiny magnets point to a fundamental principle of particle physics.

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    Rare Disorder Found to Have a Common Form

    An autoimmune disease, thought to be very rare, may have a less severe form that affects at least one in 1,000 people. The research, by Weizmann and Norway's University of Bergen, suggests that other autoimmune conditions may be tied to mutations in a single gene, and could lead to new diagnostic and treatment methods for autoimmune disorders.

  • Science Tips, November 2007

    Three research updates from the Weizmann Institute of Science: smelling sweat; explaining the link between genetic repeats and diseases; and how the immune system checks the identity of cells.  

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  • Science Tips, March 2007

    Four research updates from the Weizmann Institute: details of bone-eating cells; an immune system security measure; understanding the mechanics of hearing; and debating the workings of the brain. 

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    Uncovering the Genome's Regulatory Code

    Weizmann's Dr. Ido Amit and a team of scientists have made advances in understanding the regulatory code. The group developed a new, automated method for mapping protein-DNA interactions that may lead to advances in personalized medicine.

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    Scientists Identify a Viral Communication System

    <em>The Scientist</em> reports on research from the lab of Prof. Rotem Sorek, who discovered that viruses leave ""messages"" for other viruses, enabling subsequent generations to decide whether to stay quiet or infect the host. The study has been called ""annoyingly good.""