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  • global-gathering-highlights-2014
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Highlights

    This video provides a quick day-by-day overview of the thrilling 2014 Weizmann Institute Global Gathering. Held in New York City, it had, as Institute President Prof. Daniel Zajfman said, a record ""420 people from 13 different countries.""

  • ted-teplow-70th-reflections
    Ted Teplow: Reflections on the Occasion of the of the American Committee's 70th Anniversary

    ""Growing up in my family, you couldn't help but be involved with Weizmann,"" says Ted Teplow, part of the extended family that included Dewey David Stone, the philanthropist and Zionist who played a tremendous role in the Institute's founding and growth. Mr. Teplow reminisced on the occasion of the American Committee's 70th birthday.

  • Philanthropists_Reflect_on_the_Weizmann_Institute_of_Science
  • incpm-video-tn
    The Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine

    Personalized medicine is about people, and in this video, people talk about personalized medicine – specifically, the Weizmann Institute's Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine (G-INCPM). The G-INCPM is ramping up operations, filling its labs, ushering us into the future of medicine. Listen to the Grands, other philanthropists, Institute leadership, and scientists discuss the G-INCPM and its importance.

  • 2016-year-in-review3c318adac497647cb66dff00005fc039
  • global-gathering-partners-in-philanthropy
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Partners In Philanthropy

    In this moving video shown at the 2014 Global Gathering, philanthropic friends of the Weizmann Institute talk about why they give - and why they give to Weizmann. Several donors appear with the scientists they help support, many with relationships going back years.

  • larry-blumberg-70th-reflections
    Larry Blumberg: Reflections on the Occasion of the of the American Committee's 70th Anniversary

    ""One of the most important things in my life,"" says Larry Blumberg, reflecting on the American Committee on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, has been his involvement with the Weizmann Institute of Science. A former chairman of the American Committee, he admits: ""I've become a science junkie! I go to as many science lectures as I can.""

  • Michael-Sara-Sela-Tribute
    Tribute to Sara and Prof. Michael Sela

    This tribute video about beloved Weizmann family members Sara and Prof. Michael Sela features conversations with them and longtime friends, and an overview of their life with Weizmann. Prof. Sela is a former Institute president and co-developer of the MS drug Copaxone<sup><span style=""font-size: 8px;"">&reg;</span></sup>. This extraordinary couple is still deeply involved with the Institute – including as philanthropists.

  • 2015-year-at-a-glance
    Weizmann Institute 2015 Year at a Glance

    Prof. Daniel Zajfman, Weizmann Institute president, takes us on a whirlwind tour of the campus as we look back at its amazing progress in 2015. One of the Institute's ongoing priorities is the recruitment of the best new scientists – in 2015, it brought aboard...

  • A_Tribute_To_William_Z_Novick
    A Tribute to William Z. Novick

    Honoring 40 years of service by Rabbi William Z. Novick, who led the American Committee's Chicago Region, this video features philanthropist Lester Crown; Prof. Haim Harari, former Weizmann Institute president; Dr. Norman Lamm of Yeshiva University; and Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence, founder of the summer science institute that bears her name.