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    Israeli scientist: Stronger immune system could cure Alzheimer’s

    The Weizmann Institute’s Prof. Michal Schwartz has been developing ways to use the immune system to treat devastating injuries. As Israel21c reports, this “powerhouse” is now studying whether an enhanced immune system can treat anxiety and other brain disorders, and even – most exciting of all – potentially cure Alzheimer’s.

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    Israeli Research Shows that Scans Reveal Past Brain Activity

    Israel21c covers recent Weizmann findings indicating that scientists can probe the brain and uncover the history of past experiences. This could reveal what makes us unique, and enable objective diagnosis of neuropsychological diseases. The research, by Prof. Rafi Malach, is based on his earlier revelation that the brain never rests.

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    Siri Has Nothing on Us: How Do Brain Cells Tell Us Where We're Going?

    The lab of Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky revealed that brain cells can guide us to our destination, even when we can't see it. <em>Scientific American</em>'s Moheb Costandi reports on the research in <em>Salon</em>, also addressing related findings from other institutions and the question of whether the Ulanovsky cells are new types of cells, or represent more flexibility in other cells than previously suspected.

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    New Research by Israeli Scientists Shows Imprints of Brain Activity

    In new research, renowned neuroscientist Prof. Rafael Malach and his team at Weizmann have found that brain activity stays imprinted for a day or so. This could lead to possibilities such as decoding what someone is, or has recently been, thinking, or provide doctors with a new diagnostic tool for brain disorders.

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    Scientists Puzzle Over How Bat Brains and Rat Brains Build Mental Maps

    ""Science on NBC News"" reports on neuroscience from Weizmann – courtesy of bats. Dr. Nachum Ulanovsky created tiny equipment worn by the bats while he tracks their brain signals, focusing on memory and navigation. Similar work is being conducted at Boston University as scientists seek to learn how mental maps are built.