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    Sleep Off Addiction to Cigarettes?

    PhD student Anat Arzi, who is in Prof. Noam Sobel's lab at Weizmann, spoke at a Society for Neuroscience conference, presenting the team's findings that exposing smokers to bad smells while they slept helped them smoke less when awake. WebMD interviewed Arzi about this research, and what it means for the treatment of addiction.

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    Sharing Mother's Stress in the Womb Leaves Children Prone to Depression

    Weizmann's Prof. Alon Chen and colleagues in the U.K. have discovered a key part of the placenta that protects the fetus from the mother's high stress hormones; however, when this element doesn't work, the child is more prone to anxiety and depression. As The Telegraph reports, a diagnostic test could identify at-risk children.

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    Why Do We Like What We Like? Israeli Study Suggests Answers

    Dr. Alex Pine, a postdoc in cognitive neuroscience at the Weizmann Institute, conducted a study – overseen by Prof. Yadin Dudai – on people's preferences, influencing those likes and dislikes via conditioning, using techniques like those Ivan Pavlov famously used with his dogs. As <em>The Times of Israel</em> reports, the scientists think their methods could help treat addictions and phobias more effectively.

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    People With Anxiety Perceive the World in a Fundamentally Different Way

    As Prof. Rony Paz found, people with anxiety are less able to distinguish between unthreatening stimuli and those associated with a negative event – because that's the way their brains function. As <em>The Huffington Post</em> states, you ""can't argue with science: A person isn't responsible for having a mental illness."" Perhaps such research will reduce the stigma.

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    Limitless: Fulfilling the Potential of the Human Brain

    The human brain is “limitless” – and yet, sometimes things go wrong. In this video, Prof. Noam Sobel, Dr. Assaf Tal, Prof. Michal Schwartz, Prof. Alon Chen, Dr. Tali Kimchi, Dr. Ofer Yizhar, Prof. Daniel Zajfman, and Prof. Yadin Dudai talk about studying the brain in health and disease, always learning “what it means to be human, what it means to think, what it means to remember.”

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    Lighting Up the Mechanisms of Brain Disease

    In Issue No. 47 of Weizmann Views, serendipity leads Dr. Ofer Yizhar to his life’s work: pioneering the remarkable new field of optogenetics. Optogenetics combines optics – the branch of physics concerned with light – and genetics to offer previously unimaginable new ways of studying the brain. Dr. Yizhar's work has particular import for the understanding of autism.