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    In Discussing “Youth,” Jane Fonda Touches on “Superfluidity”

    In his <em>Psychology Today</em> blog, athlete Christopher Bergland writes about what he calls "superfluidity," the merging with an art or craft that runners, musicians, etc., sometimes experience. He notes that Jane Fonda recently spoke about reaching this state, and cites research by Prof. Rafi Malach showing that ""losing oneself"" in a task is a real phenomenon.

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    Study: Placenta Cells Could Reverse Stroke Damage

    <em>The Times of Israel</em> reports on new research from the Weizmann Institute, the Hebrew University, and startup Pluristem showing that cells taken from the placenta ""could potentially treat and repair damaged nerves,"" such as those harmed by stroke. Placental cells promote tissue repair, and prompt the body to use its own healing processes.

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    Imaging Study Finds Unique Brain Patterns Among Autistic

    PsychCentral covers new research showing that autistic brains have unique synchronization patterns. It had been previously noted that the brains of autistic persons had under- and over-connectivity, but this work goes deeper. The distinction could help diagnose autism spectrum disorders earlier, and even lead to new treatments.

  • The Power of Sniff

    Weizmann scientists have opened up new worlds for paralyzed persons: a new device allows them to write, surf online, and steer a wheelchair—all by sniffing. Read the Scientific American article.

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    Blood Test for Alzheimer's

    Twenty years of research by the Institute's Prof. Michal Schwartz has resulted in a blood test for Alzheimer's disease that is now the focus of a startup venture with U.S. collaborators. As Israel21c reports, the first human trials by the new company, NeuroQuest, show that the test is 87% accurate for Alzheimer's and ALS.

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    Can You Learn While You're Asleep?

    Presented on NPR's "Morning Edition" and health blog, the research of Weizmann's Anat Arzi – who found that basic learning can take place while we sleep – is getting a lot of attention. Ms. Arzi and colleagues were able to "teach" participants to associate certain sounds with smells.