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    Alcohol Improves Your Sense of Smell – In Moderation

    The lab of Prof. Noam Sobel at the Weizmann Institute continues to produce unexpected findings on the role of smell in our lives. Now, as reported in <em>New Scientist</em>, Yaara Endevelt, a doctoral student, has found that drinking alcohol improves our ability to smell, based on lowering our inhibitions.

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    Learning Doesn't Stop When You're Asleep

    As The New York Times reports, Weizmann's Anat Arzi has discovered that people can learn while asleep. Ms. Arzi, a PhD student in Prof. Noam Sobel's lab, used conditioning to get sleeping subjects to associate certain sounds and smells. When awakened, the participants retained this knowledge.

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    Mice Social Structures Highlighted By ""Big Brother""-Like Study

    What can we learn from mice about how we choose leaders? Huff Post Science reports on new Weizmann research in which mice, living in a common house, quickly exhibited behavioral patterns and personalities, with a leader soon emerging. Especially interesting: when the experiment was run with ""autistic-like"" mice, the house remained leaderless.

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    How to Learn in Your Sleep

    Nature reports on new Weizmann Institute research revealing that subjects trained to sniff pleasant smells while asleep retain the conditioning when they wake up. The work, conducted in the lab of Prof. Noam Sobel, could help diagnose neurological conditions and lead to ""sleep therapies.""

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    “We Base the Most Important Decisions of Our Lives on Smell”

    <em>Haaretz</em> interviews Prof. Noam Sobel about his intensive research into the sense of smell, which - it turns out - informs every area of our lives, from what we eat to whom we love. Among other innovative studies, he is investigating whether odors can help people trust robots and whether smell is involved in repeated miscarriages.

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    Hey Kids, Try these Glasses to Simulate Feeling High

    <em>Haaretz</em> visits the Weizmann Institute's campus, where an interactive exhibition on how our brains work is underway. While the Institute has a globally renowned neuroscience department, the exhibit – ""Work Your Brain!"" – involves a great deal more play than work.