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    Dr. Karina Yaniv to be honored with LE&RN's 2016 Wendy Chaite Leadership Award

    The Lymphatic Education & Research Network has announced that it is awarding its prestigious Wendy Chaite Leadership Award to Weizmann's Dr. Karina Yaniv. With funding support from the organization, Dr. Yaniv recently showed – for the first time – how the lymphatic system develops. The award will be presented on March 23 by actor Kathy Bates.

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    Shining New Light on the Mysteries of the Brain

    Dr. Ofer Yizhar is a cutting-edge young scientist in a cutting-edge young field: optogenetics, the use of light to study the brain. Now at the Weizmann Institute, he was part of the Stanford lab that developed optogenetics. The <em>San Diego Jewish Journal</em> reports on a Weizmann event in San Diego where Dr. Yizhar discussed his work and his love of neuroscience.

  • Father Runs and Writes to Help His Children

    New Jersey's Jonathan Hersch, runner and father of two children with diabetes, created the Ben and Shira's Endowment Fund for Diabetes Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science to help advance research on the disease that has affected his family. As the NJJN reports, his ""Team Dream"" has raised $100,000 through participation in races.

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    Creative Giving: IRA RMDs For Israel

    Being able to ""see big gifts in action"" motivates donors like Carol Milett to give during their lifetime. As Forbes reports, IRA gifts can be treated like the annual output of an endowment, which ACWIS's Steve Meyers calls a ""virtual endowment."" This arrangement benefits all parties; for example, Milett personally knows the Weizmann lung-cancer researcher her fund supports.

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    Six PGIA Students Journey to Weizmann Institute in Israel

    Six students from the Peter Gruber International Academy (PGIA) on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, traveled to Israel for science camp at the Weizmann Institute, which has long collaborated with the school on STEM education. Said a PGIA leader: ""Each student seems to be passionate about a different area of science. This … will be life altering.""

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    Weizmann Expert Speaks on Climate Change

    On June 24, the Midwest Region of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science recently held the next in its ""Eat, Drink & Think"" series. Covered by the <em>Chicago Tribune</em>, the event took place at the home of philanthropist Yadelle Sklare, where Weizmann professor emeritus Jonathan Gressel spoke about climate change.

  • Gift_for_Science
    Gift for Science

    Albert Willner, a retired orthopedic surgeon, donated $20 million to create an endowment to support scientific education and research at the Weizmann Institute of Science.&nbsp;

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    Personalized Philanthropy: Group's Customized Giving Plans Show Big Results

    The American Committee takes a long-term, individualized approach to helping donors reach their goals and support the Weizmann Institute. In fact, Vice President Steven L. Meyers literally wrote the book on this philosophy: <em>Personalized Philanthropy: Crash the Fundraising Matrix</em>. <em>The Chronicle of Philanthropy</em> discusses this successful approach.

  • pbf-video
    Project-Based Fundraising

    Project-Based Fundraising empowers people of all ages to join the Weizmann Institute's search for answers to humanity's greatest challenges—from fighting cancer to protecting the environment to exploring space. This platform features 12 vital Weizmann research projects in need of support. After selecting a project that inspires you, you can set up your own fundraising page, and mobilize friends and family to join your efforts. Learn more—and get involved.

  • Beginner_s_Luck
    Beginner's Luck: The Power of Stem Cells

    Young stem cells, like young people, have unlimited options before them. They can become anything – businessperson, farmer, heart cell, skin cell. But then instructions kick in, and the young stem cell helps create the part of the body it is fated to become. However, scientists may be able to use the early potential of stem cells to treat a number of diseases.