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  • Michael-Sara-Sela-Tribute
    Tribute to Sara and Prof. Michael Sela

    This tribute video about beloved Weizmann family members Sara and Prof. Michael Sela features conversations with them and longtime friends, and an overview of their life with Weizmann. Prof. Sela is a former Institute president and co-developer of the MS drug Copaxone<sup><span style=""font-size: 8px;"">&reg;</span></sup>. This extraordinary couple is still deeply involved with the Institute – including as philanthropists.

  • 2015-year-at-a-glance
    Weizmann Institute 2015 Year at a Glance

    Prof. Daniel Zajfman, Weizmann Institute president, takes us on a whirlwind tour of the campus as we look back at its amazing progress in 2015. One of the Institute's ongoing priorities is the recruitment of the best new scientists – in 2015, it brought aboard...

  • A_Tribute_To_William_Z_Novick
    A Tribute to William Z. Novick

    Honoring 40 years of service by Rabbi William Z. Novick, who led the American Committee's Chicago Region, this video features philanthropist Lester Crown; Prof. Haim Harari, former Weizmann Institute president; Dr. Norman Lamm of Yeshiva University; and Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence, founder of the summer science institute that bears her name.

  • conversation-zajfman-heyward
    A Conversation with Prof. Daniel Zajfman and Andrew Heyward

    Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News, interviews Prof. Daniel Zajfman, president of the Weizmann Institute, during the 2011 gala held by the American Committee's New York Region. Mr. Heyward asked Prof. Zajfman not only about science—although that was eloquently addressed—but about his Brussels childhood, early interest in science, and more.

  • Science_For_The_Benefit_Of_Humanity
    Science for the Benefit of Humanity

    An overview of the remarkable work being carried out each day by scientists at the Weizmann Institute. From agricultural breakthroughs that help to feed the hungry to multidisciplinary efforts that yield new medicines, this partnership between science and philanthropy is making our world a better place.

  • global-gathering-deborah-fass
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Partners in Innovation, Prof. Deborah Fass

    Prof. Deborah Fass speaks at the Partners in Innovation session of the Weizmann Institute's 2014 Global Gathering about her work with proteins. There are so many types of proteins that the total number is about the number of observable stars in the universe. ""Each of us,"" says Prof. Fass, ""is an entire protein universe."" Prof. Haim Garty introduces her.

  • The_Genomics_Revolution
    The Genomics Revolution: The Importance of Next-Gen Instrumentation

    Prof. Doron Lancet, Head of the Crown Human Genome Center, and Dr. Daniela Amann-Zalcenstein, Head of High-Throughput Sequencing, explain the importance of next-generation high-throughput sequencing technology for genetics research, with thanks for support from Chicago's Crown family and the American Committee's New York Region.

  • A_Day_Of_Science
    A Day of Science with Drs. Jacob Hanna, Ron Milo, and Maya Schuldiner

    Three dynamic young Weizmann Institute scientists - Drs. Jacob Hanna, Ron Milo, and Maya Schuldiner - gather with American Committee supporters over lunch in New York City to present their research, discuss their motivation and inspiration to become scientists, and address the work-life balance.

  • weizmann-global-gathering-2014-partners-in-creativity-modern-dance-meets-neurobiology
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Prof. Yadin Dudai Introduces Partners in Creativity, Modern Dance meets Neurobiology

    This unique collaboration at the Weizmann Institute of Science's 2014 Global Gathering reveals complementary sides to the human brain. Israel's Vertigo Dance Company worked with Institute neuroscientists to create this performance, presented at New York's Lincoln Center. Weizmann's Prof. Yadin Dudai and the company's Noa Wertheim open the event.

  • global-gathering-michal-neeman
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Partners in Scientific Advancement, Prof. Michal Neeman

    Prof. Michal Neeman spoke at the 2014 Global Gathering session, Partners in Scientific Advancement, about why it's so important for us to get high-resolution images of cancer. Today's instrumentation allows scientists to actually observe cancer in the body, providing invaluable new data. Of course, staying on top of the technology, much less knowing how to maximize its use, is also a challenge.