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  • did-you-know-tn
    Limitless: Celebrating Collaborative Achievement

    Interdisciplinary collaboration is the hallmark of the Weizmann Institute. This video, which premiered at the 2015 Midwest Region Gala Dinner, highlights some of the scientists who crossed the borders of their fields to work together – and their resulting success. New collaborative programs, such as in personalized medicine, are also presented.

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    2015 Midwest Region Gala Dinner

    The 2015 Midwest Region Gala Dinner was an inspiring evening honoring Richard S. Price, Chairman and CEO of Mesirow Financial. Notable speakers included Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Weizmann Institute President Prof. Daniel Zajfman. After a moving tribute by his son, Dinner Co-Chair Brian Price, Richard Price spoke about his passion for brain research. Watch the full program, which featured a panel with Weizmann neurobiologists Prof. Alon Chen, Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky, and Dr. Ofer Yizhar.

  • Forever_Young
    Forever Young

    ""Forever Young"" highlights Weizmann Institute graduate school alumni in the U.S., Canada, and Israel who are making significant impacts in their areas of research, including the biotech industry and academia. Scientists and graduate students, spanning generations, work together at the forefront of science.

  • gloabal-gathering-yadin-dudai
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Partners in Creativity at Lincoln Center, Prof. Yadin Dudai

    Prof. Eytan Domany takes the stage to discusses the nature of memory, how we form memories, and how they change over time. He ties this into the dance about to performed by Israel's Vertigo Dance Company at Lincoln Center, describing how the movements made by the dancers – seemingly repetitive, but slightly different each time – represent memory.

  • Stem_Cell_Research
    The Helen and Martin Kimmel Institute for Stem Cell Research

    On the occasion of establishing the Helen and Martin Kimmel Institute for Stem Cell Research, the couple – decades-long friends of the Weizmann Institute – talks about why they chose to invest in stem cell research, and why they chose to do so at Weizmann. They also share their first meeting, which was at a Weizmann event, and their love of science.

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    The NextGen Initiative

    Introducing NextGen, the American Committee's new initiative dedicated to inspiring the philanthropic leaders of tomorrow. The NextGen Committee recently held its inaugural ""Science on Tap"" event at City Winery in New York. This evening of science, networking, and wine tasting featured three stellar students from the Weizmann Institute's Feinberg Graduate School.

  • Summer_Cool
    Summer Cool

    A brief overview of the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute. Since 1969, the institute offers talented high-school graduates from around the world the unique opportunity to spend a month on the Weizmann campus, working side by side with scientists to conduct hands-on research.

  • women-of-vision
    2012 South Florida Women of Vision

    Meet the four incredible women honored at the American Committee's 14th Women of Vision Luncheon in South Florida: Jen Klaassens, The Wasie Foundation; Cristina Mata, MD, Holy Cross Hospital; Michelle Bernstein, Chef and Entrepreneur; and Mindy Shrago, Young at Art.

  • 2011-MidwestGala-Abbott-Labs
    2011 Midwest Gala

    Produced by Abbott Labs for the Midwest Region of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, and shot largely on location at the Weizmann Institute, this video inspired attendees at the 2011 Chicago Gala with a visual overview of the Institute's main areas of science and several of its most significant breakthroughs.

  • global-gathering-eytan-domany
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Partners in Scientific Advancement, Prof. Eytan Domany

    Speaking at the Partners in Scientific Advancement session, the entertaining Prof. Eytan Domany provides an overview of modern genomic research, which began with the deciphering of the human genome in 2001 – a monumental feat that immediately led to big excitement, big data, and big hope for medicine, and led him to leave physics, his longtime field of research.