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    Jupiter’s Stormy Winds Churn Deep into the Planet

    <em>Nature</em> reports on the international mission to study Jupiter via NASA’s Juno spacecraft. Juno has now “plumbed the depths of Jupiter,” showing that the “planet’s famous bands of swirling winds” extend quite far down. According to Weizmann’s Dr. Yohai Kaspi, “Determining this is one of the main goals of the Juno mission.”

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    What the Neutron Star Collision Means for Dark Matter

    In October, LIGO and its European counterpart, VIRGO, witnessed gravitational waves rippling out from a breathtaking collision between two neutron stars. This unprecedented event looked like yet another triumph for a new kind of astronomy, one that could use gravitational waves to probe some of the universe’s deepest mysteries. But in all the excitement, most people didn’t notice that something had died: a whole group of theories that posit a universe with no dark matter.

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    Neptune’s Other Moons Were Normal Until Triton Crashed the Party

    <em>New Scientist</em> reports on the mess Triton, the largest of Neptune’s many moons, made when it joined that planet’s lunar group. A Weizmann scientist and her Colorado colleague “used a series of computer simulations to figure out what the Neptune system was like before Triton barrelled in.”

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    Deadly Floods Will be the ‘New Normal’

    In warming climates, mid-latitude storms will travel further toward the poles before they reach their maximum intensity - and this, scientists say, will be the ‘new normal’. The study suggests that impacts on weather and climate will be strongest in regions close to the northeastern ocean boundaries, such as the UK and the US west coast.

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