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    Science Tips, November 2013

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: international collaboration produces a new picture of the 3D structure of chromosomes; the world's smallest SQUID – used to measure magnetic fields – breaks the world record for sensitivity and resolution; mysterious microglia cells are shown to play critical roles in brain disease and health.

  • Science Tips, July 2007

    Four research updates from the Weizmann Institute: doping electronics; experiments with interfering electrons; a new model of molecular recognition; and a promising cellular reporter.

  • Science Tips, March 2013

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: scientists take steps toward building a complete, functional, artificial cell; progress is made toward understanding the measurement process in quantum systems; and a new study may help develop ways to control tissue destruction that results from inflammation and necrosis.

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    Using a Noise-Canceling Camera to Get Rid of Glare

    Prof. Yaron Silberberg is one of two optics scientists whose innovative method for getting rid of glare has been making news. Glare is the way that, for example, a car's high beams reflect off fog, making it ""even more difficult to see what lies ahead,"" says <em>The Engineer</em>. The methods reduce glare in a manner similar to how noise-cancelling headphones reduce sound.

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    Ultra-Cooling Gives Slow-Mo View of Quantum Physics

    In quantum physics, just observing something changes that thing immeasurably. Now, by supercooling atoms to slow them down, Prof. Ehud Altman and colleagues on an EU project are able to see these changes. As the European Commission's Horizon magazine says, ""the results are giving them a new perspective into the behaviour of matter at the quantum level.""

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    At CERN, God Particle Research at Crossroads

    It's been two years since the elusive Higgs boson went from theory to reality. For 50 years, scientists had chased the Higgs, finally finding it thanks to a massive international effort at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. So – now what? Weizmann's Prof. Eilam Gross and others talk about the continued work to be done.

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    Using the Science of Invisibility to Make Black Holes in the Lab – Prof. Ulf Leonhardt

    Speaking at TEDxBrussels, the Weizmann Institute's Prof. Ulf Leonhardt wowed the crowd with talk of invisibility. In a subsequent interview, <em>Horizon: The EU Research & Innovation Magazine</em> found that invisibility is only part of his amazing optics research, which includes ""new ways to manipulate the world"" and ""making black holes in the lab.""