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    Stem Cell Reprogramming Made Easier

    Reprogramming adult stem cells so that they are like embryonic stem cells, and thus have the ability to become any type of cell we like, has the potential to change medicine; however, the reprogramming process is inefficient and impractical. Now, Dr. Yaquob Hanna has found that removing one protein changes everything.

  • Science-Tips-July-2012-Fools-Gold-thumb
    Science Tips, July 2012

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: fool's gold regulates environmental oxygen; finding a molecular mechanism behind faulty stem cells and cancer; and solving the mystery of where importins – proteins critical to healing nerve damage – are produced.

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    New Hope for Gaucher Patients

    Gaucher disease, a genetic disorder most prevalent among Ashkenazi Jews, is devastating for sufferers and their families. Now, scientists in Prof. Tony Futerman's lab have discovered a new cellular pathway implicated in the disease. Their findings may offer a new therapeutic target for managing treatment of Gaucher and related disorders.

  • Science Tips, November 2011

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: a much-needed way to grow long nanowires; understanding scaling—how parts stay proportional—in nature; and measuring cosmic distances using supernovae.

  • Science Tips, March 2013

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: scientists take steps toward building a complete, functional, artificial cell; progress is made toward understanding the measurement process in quantum systems; and a new study may help develop ways to control tissue destruction that results from inflammation and necrosis.

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    Executive Suite: Leemor Joshua-Tor

    Newsday interviews Weizmann-educated Leemor Joshua-Tor, who made major breakthroughs with her discoveries about gene silencing and its role in fighting viruses and diseases. Now at prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Lab, her work is critical and creative enough to pull in major, high-profile grants, even in this era of deep cuts to science funding.

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    World's First Artificial Cell Churns Out Proteins

    The Weizmann Institute's Prof. Roy Bar-Ziv had a dream: creating an artificial cell that actually works like a living cell. Now, after more than a decade of ""intense lab work,"" his team has created the world's first cell-on-a-chip, an exciting development with potentially game-changing applications. Israel21c reports.

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