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    A Day in the Life of Saturn, Revealed

    <em>The Jerusalem Post</em> reports on the successful measurement of a day on Saturn. While this may seem like a relatively unchallenging problem from a physics point of view, the planet's unique attributes required development of a complicated mathematical model by Weizmann's Prof. Yohai Kaspi and Dr. Eli Galanti, with a team from Tel Aviv University.

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    At CERN, God Particle Research at Crossroads

    It's been two years since the elusive Higgs boson went from theory to reality. For 50 years, scientists had chased the Higgs, finally finding it thanks to a massive international effort at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. So – now what? Weizmann's Prof. Eilam Gross and others talk about the continued work to be done.

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    Thunderstorms on Saturn May Drive Epic Polar Cyclones

    ""For decades,"" reports, ""the powerful, swirling hurricane-like features at Saturn's poles have been a mystery &ndash; what drives these storms and why do they persist for so long?"" Now we know, thanks to Weizmann postdoc Dr. Morgan O'Neill, who developed a model showing that multiple smaller thunderstorms fuel the massive cyclones.

  • Broadcom Foundation Supports Race to the Moon in Google Lunar X Prize Competition with Israel's SpaceIL Project

    The donation to the Weizmann Institute will support SpaceIL, a non-profit mounting a submission for the $30M Lunar X Prize. The foundation selected this project for its use of the competition to excite Israeli youth about science, technology, engineering, and math.

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    The Many-Moons Theory

    <em>The New Yorker</em>'s Alan Burdick reports on the recent findings from Prof. Oded Aharonson's lab, which revealed that our moon was likely formed by multiple collisions, rather than the single-impact theory that prevails today.

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    Climate Models Reveal Liquid Once Flowed on the Mars Surface – But Only Lasted for ""Short"" Periods at a Time

    The U.K.'s <em>Daily Mail</em> reports on Weizmann Institute and Brown University research showing that water once flowed on Mars. The scientists' climate model revealed that periodic warming melted ice into liquid. The <em>Daily Mail</em> points out that evidence for water has been found before, but that ""this is the first study to suggest water was episodic, not permanent.""

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    Astronomers Witness Biggest Star Explosion

    Weizmann's Dr. Avishay Gal-Yam and colleagues ""watched the violent death of what was probably the most massive star ever detected,"" finding that the explosion was probably that of a star at least two hundred times the mass of our Sun.