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    Executive Suite: Leemor Joshua-Tor

    Newsday interviews Weizmann-educated Leemor Joshua-Tor, who made major breakthroughs with her discoveries about gene silencing and its role in fighting viruses and diseases. Now at prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Lab, her work is critical and creative enough to pull in major, high-profile grants, even in this era of deep cuts to science funding.

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    Scientists Identify a Viral Communication System

    <em>The Scientist</em> reports on research from the lab of Prof. Rotem Sorek, who discovered that viruses leave ""messages"" for other viruses, enabling subsequent generations to decide whether to stay quiet or infect the host. The study has been called ""annoyingly good.""

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    Can Boosting Immunity Make You Smarter?

    A former PhD student of Prof. Michal Schwartz's – Prof. Jonathan Kipnis of the University of Virginia School of Medicine – has discovered that the immune system engages the brain in an intricate dialogue that may help raise IQ. As Discover reports, he first had the ""crazy idea"" in Prof. Schwartz's pioneering lab at Weizmann.

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    Ron Diskin: Mapping Defenses Against HIV

    Young Weizmann scientist Dr. Ron Diskin is already renowned for his groundbreaking HIV research, such as the recent discovery that a type of strong HIV antibodies can be synthetically reproduced — and even strengthened — in the lab. He visits L.A. for ""a whirlwind week of AIDS events and speaking opportunities.""

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    New Diagnostic Test Distinguishes Bacterial from Viral Infections

    Israeli startup MeMed is receiving funding and accolades for a test that determines whether an infection is bacterial or viral, thus helping prevent antibiotic overuse. As Iton Gadal reports, the test is already being used by hospitals in the EU, Switzerland, and Israel. MeMed was founded by Eran Eden, who received a doctorate from Weizmann.

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    Marine Green Slime to Save the Planet

    Weizmann's Dr. Assaf Vardi led a team of more than 30 scientists on a trip to the North Atlantic to study phytoplankton. These tiny algae are crucial to Earth's ecology and are key to climate regulation; in fact, they play an ancient and outsized role in our environment.

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    A Biotech Tale: The Israeli Scientist Who is Waging War on Cancer

    Mickey Kertesz, who received his doctorate in computational biology from the Weizmann Institute's Feinberg Graduate School, has co-founded a startup that has streamlined DNA-sequencing techniques. He believes the technology will change the battlefield on which scientists fight diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and depression.

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    Will This Man Discover a Vaccine for HIV?

    The Weizmann Institute's Dr. Ron Diskin is giving the HIV-positive community and its allies reason for hope. Broadly neutralizing antibodies, present in 10 to 20 percent of HIV patients, are able to block the virus. As HIV Plus magazine explains, Dr. Diskin is working with these antibodies to develop better treatments or, promisingly, a vaccine.

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    Israel's Universal Flu Vaccine Heads for Universal Acceptance

    Weizmann Institute research that led to a ""universal"" flu vaccine – meaning it works against all forms of influenza – has now been granted patents by the European Union and Japan. The vaccine was developed by an Israeli firm, BiondVax, which is now preparing to license it to governments and pharma companies. Before this breakthrough, scientists developed vaccines to fight each strain of flu.