Get Involved With Us

Whether it’s developing the clean fuel of tomorrow or fighting cancer today, creating new sensors for a secure world or improving food crops for a growing world, understanding the scope of the universe or developing nanoscale technologies, the Weizmann Institute of Science offers something for everyone. Do you worry about how climate change will affect the future? Does breast cancer run in your family? Do you look at the stars and wonder? No matter your question, a Weizmann scientist is working on the answer.

That’s why there are as many reasons to get involved with the American Committee as there are people. And getting involved can take many forms: trips to Israel to visit the campus, and talk to the scientists. Presentations by scientists visiting your area. Galas. Luncheons. Parlor meetings. Meet other people interested in the Institute, and in science. Make a video about a topic that is meaningful to you. Develop your philanthropic side and support research, scholarships, science education programs for schoolchildren.

We believe that we must all do what we can to ensure that the pace of science never falters. Together, we can help Weizmann researchers fulfill their mission of Science for the Benefit of Humanity.