Fighting Cancer

Bacteria in Tumors: Improving Cancer Treatment


This virtual conversation, hosted by the American Committee, features Weizmann’s Dr. Ravid Straussman, the NIH’s Dr. Daniel Douek (Chief of the Human Immunology Section of the Vaccine Research Center), and is moderated by Dr. Alan Leishner, former CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which publishes the prestigious journal Science.

The three discuss the role of bacteria in cancer and the potential for harnessing them to treat cancers. Dr. Douek – who has long been affiliated with Weizmann and is a protégé of Dr. Anthony Fauci – opens with the basics: explaining what a vaccine and microbiome are. They also speak about Dr. Straussman’s recent discovery that bacteria are not only present in all tumors, but that each tumor has its own bacteria.