Protecting Our Planet

Capturing the Sun: Weizmann Scientists at The Gregory School

This video covers an event put on at The Gregory School in ​Tucson by the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, with presentations by the Institute’s Profs. David Cahen and Leeor Kronik.

Prof. Cahen, who heads the Institute’s Alternative Energy Research Initiative (AERI), discusses our energy problem: specifically, that humanity cannot keep using energy at the same rate, and of the same kind, as today. It simply is not sustainable. Prof. Cahen, whose research specialty is super-efficient solar cells, speaks to the potential of solar power to meet our growing world’s energy needs.

Prof. Kronik, his colleague in the Department of Materials and Interfaces, researches the unique properties and behavior of materials, using principles of quantum mechanics to influence such behavior – including development of superior materials to create the photovoltaics of tomorrow.