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Dr. Michal Rivlin Named 2019 Blavatnik Awards Life Sciences Laureate

Meet visual neuroscientist Dr. Michal Rivlin, the 2019 Life Sciences Laureate of the Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists. Dr. Rivlin’s research is making major strides in understanding sight, in particular the retina, the part of the eye where all visual processes begin. She has found that retinal cells, rather than being fixed and hardwired, are malleable and can dramatically change their properties in response to stimuli like light and motion. Her work has implications for retinal disease and blindness, and the development of computer vision technologies. The Blavatnik Awards, presented by The Blavatnik Family Foundation, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (IASH), recognize early-career scientists and engineers in Israel for both their extraordinary achievements and promise for future discoveries. Of the three 2019 laureates, two were from the Weizmann Institute; the other Weizmann winner was Prof. Erez Berg of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics. Video courtesy of the New York Academy of Sciences.