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    Eat a Purple Potato If You Know What’s Good For You

    Are you ready for violet-colored potatoes? How about orange tobacco? Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science have figured out how produce betalain pigments in plants and flowers that don’t normally have them. If you’re thinking, “Who needs violet tomatoes?” you should know that red-violet and yellow betalain pigments contain healthful antioxidant properties. They’re also the basis for natural food dyes for products such as strawberry yogurt.

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    Introducing the Center for Advanced and Intelligent Materials

    From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and beyond, curiosity about materials—both natural and man-made—has been a major driver of human progress. The Center for Advanced and Intelligent Materials (C-AIM), a new research initiative that will include a state-of-the-art building on campus, will bring together Weizmann scientists in a variety of fields to advance the materials of tomorrow. Profs. Leeor Kronik, Jacob Klein, Lia Addadi, David Cahen, and Oren Tal, and Dr. Michal Leskes discuss their groundbreaking research, which has important implications for medicine, energy, electronics, and more.

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    A Century-Old Model for the Origin of Life Gets Significant Substantiation

    In 1924, Russian biochemist Alexander Oparin claimed that life on Earth developed through gradual chemical changes of organic molecules in the “primordial soup” that likely existed here four billion years ago. In his view, the complex combination of lifeless molecules, joining forces within small oily droplets, could assume life faculties – self-replication, selection, and evolution. These ideas were received with considerable doubt, which remains today.

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    Ecuador Honors First Israeli Woman to Win the Nobel Prize

    RIO DE JANEIRO — Ecuador’s National Congress honored an Israeli Nobel laureate. Ada Yonath, who won the 2009 prize for chemistry, received a medal of scientific merit from the National Assembly’s president, Elizabeth Cabezas, at a ceremony Thursday in Quito, newspaper El Telegrafo reported. “The National Assembly of Ecuador highlights the role of an Israeli expert who participates in the specialized international meeting promoting cooperation and support links to disseminate their vital research, and strengthen inter-exchange opportunities between Israel and Ecuador,” a statement said about the event.

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