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  • Obesity, Stress, and Science

    The holiday season can be full of less-than-joyful issues such as stress and overeating. Weizmann scientists are studying related topics like obesity, metabolic disorders, and the body's stress response.

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    Harnessing the Power of Stem Cells

    This issue of Weizmann Views features Dr. Jacob Hanna, an MD/PhD who is one of the world's leaders in stem cell research. His methods for quickly, efficiently producing induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and for ""resetting"" iPS cells to their earliest possible state could change the face of medicine, including growing organs on demand.

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    Is Your Microbiome Undermining Your New Year's Resolution?

    The perennially most popular New Year's resolution is to lose weight and be healthy – and yet most people fail. But why? Thanks to the Weizmann Institute, we now have the answer. And it's not your fault; it's your microbiome's. The Personalized Nutrition Project's surprising results show that what you eat does matter – but maybe not in the way you think.

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    The Real Price of Steak: Comparing Environmental Costs of Animal-Based Foods

    Dr. Ron Milo and a team that included U.S. scientists created a tool to analyze the environmental costs of agriculture, with the goal of determining which types of animal-based food one should eat, environmentally speaking. In the most comprehensive study of its kind, they came up with answers both expected and surprising.

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    Tears Are a Turnoff

    Prof. Noam Sobel has found that emotional signals are chemically encoded in our tears. He demonstrated that merely sniffing a woman's tears reduces testosterone and sexual arousal in men.

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    UN Talks Superbugs; Weizmann Takes Action

    In September 2016, for only the fourth time in history, the UN General Assembly is talking about a global health crisis. Superbugs – microbes that are resistant to antibiotics – are a major threat not just to health, but also the economy and security. Fortunately, Weizmann scientists are on the case.

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    He Drove Cars on Mars – Now He's Trying to Put Israel on the Moon

    Prof. Oded Aharonson was an astrophysics star at Caltech, including remotely driving NASA rovers on Mars. But when the Weizmann Institute offered him the opportunity to come home and help lead Israel into space, he couldn't say no. <em>Haaretz</em> interviews Prof. Aharonson, who heads the Center for Planetary Science and is guiding Israel's first moon shot.

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  • Making Connections

    A new program, called ""Making Connections,"" will enhance scientific collaboration between scientists from the Weizmann Institute and scientists from top-level research institutions in Britain. &nbsp;